Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Importance of Regular Sports Massage

An athlete or individual who uses their body in a demanding & deliberate way should consider the many healthy benefits of incorporating sports massage into their workout, training regiment or routine maintenance of their body.

Sports massage has proven results in resolving chronic over use issues.

Sports massage therapists are the "first line of defense" in identifying muscular issues for the athlete before it becomes a more serious issue.

Utilizing specific techniques the sports massage therapist can & will accomplish the following:

  • realign collagen fibers
  • eliminate fascial adhesion's
  • decrease the presence of trigger points
  • decrease muscular tension
  • increase oxygen & nutrients to musculature
  • decrease pain cycles & spasms
  • increase structural integration & balance

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team is here to help aid in the recovery of athletes, industrial athletes & our tactical athletes from the stresses of regular workouts & trainings, occupational hazards and the physically demanding stresses from day to day activities.

Sessions should be scheduled in at least once a week during intense training and should follow the hardest training session.

Please feel free to contact the USMT for additional information regarding the application of sports massage. We are here to assist you!

Contact a TEAM member to schedule your sports massage session in the near future.

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team also provides Athletic & Tactical Demo's - please contact us for additional information.



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