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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sports Massage & Working w/ High School Athletes

Here we are @ the beginning of a new school year and gearing up for the high school athletic season. This is a very exciting time of year for those students that will be participating on any one of the seasonal teams. Just to name a few...
  • football
  • volley ball
  • cross country / track
  • basketball
  • wrestling

It's extremely important for coaches & parents to understand the stresses that are placed on the teenage athlete due to the strenuous workouts & trainings. Lets face it, these athletes, want to be the best, they want to be in good shape and sometimes over due it!

This is also extremely important during the first weeks of "HELL WEEK" leading up to the start of the school year and the scrimmages & injury fund competitions they participate in.

Coaches & parents should always stay focused on the importance of paying attention to muscular & physical complains from their athlete; hydration and proper recovery time from athletic trainings / workouts & competitions.

Trainings & workouts should be focused on the sports the teenage athlete will be participating in. Stay away from unnecessary or excessive workouts that will not benefit the teenage athlete, this could possibly set him / her up for injury.

Here is where the ULTIMATE SPORTS MASSAGE TEAM comes in....

Sports massage has many proven benefits for the active athlete at any level; our focus at this point is the high school athlete: male / female

Proven benefits & results are:

  • increase ROM ( range of motion)
  • increase flexibility
  • decrease muscle tension
  • decrease muscle soreness
  • decrease scar tissue formation
  • decrease fascial restrictions / trigger points

Sports massage should be implemented 1-2 X's a week in short duration for the student athlete. The ideal time frame is 20-30 minutes per session.

The application of ice (cryo-therapy) massage or ice bath is also a beneficial component of sports massage which helps decrease any excess inflammation brought on by athletic physical activity.

  • repetitive exercises
  • prolonged competitions
  • muscular micro tears
  • sprains & strains
  • contusions

The therapists on the sports massage team are trained professionals with the ability to set up a sports treatment plan that will benefit any athlete who comes in for the treatment of sports massage. We have the knowledge & training in postural analysis and bio- mechanics to benefit every athlete in regards to the specific sport they participate in.

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team will be offering Sports Massage Clinics starting in September 2009


  • 20 minute muscle specific massage
  • ice application / cold bath ( if needed)
  • Kinesio Taping ( if needed + extra cost)
  • Stretching

Sports massage applications will also minimize muscle soreness by 35-50% after a strenuous workout which results in the athlete being able to train & compete regularly, along with being injury free.

It's the sports massage therapists job to recognize muscular issues, address them and put the athlete in a more conducive healing environment which allows them to continue to train & compete with their team instead of being SIDELINED!

Sports Massage Clinic Nights for high school student athletes: $20.00 / adult athletes: $35.00

Lori-Ann, Beth, Trish & Johnny

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