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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crossfit Coach: BRYCE

Personal fitness chef and Crossfit Coach, Bryce Boratko, has combined two of his life’s loves: food and fitness. Bryce grew up a multi-sport athlete playing soccer, baseball, basketball and swimming at the Varsity level. He has always had a competitive edge and the ambition to be the best that he could be at whatever he tries. During high school, Bryce and his relay team in swimming broke two long standing school records and made it to the CT State Swimming Championship. He also received the U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Athlete Award as a senior in high school. Aside from athletics, Bryce also enjoys the outdoors. Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing are among his favorite hobbies.

At the age of 15, Bryce got a job washing dishes at a small restaurant near where he grew up in CT. He quickly became interested in cooking and the restaurant business and knew he wanted to make it his profession. After receiving a degree in Culinary Arts and a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition at Johnson & Wales University, Bryce completed a highly prestigious internship at La Locanda di Piero, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Vicenza, Italy. He then came back to finish up his nutrition degree and worked as a cook at two of Rhode Island’s most highly acclaimed restaurants, Gracie’s and La Laiterie. Since that time, Bryce has also renewed his interest in athletics and fitness by becoming a certified Crossfit coach and personal trainer.

The correct combination of food and fitness are two primary factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bryce’s cooking is heavily influenced by the Paleo Diet, as well as Mediterranean Cuisine and his goal is to teach how to create a lifestyle that is beneficial for health and fitness.

You can reach Bryce @ 401-206-3735 or e-mail him @


Friday, December 3, 2010

RI's ONLY Sports Massage Spa!

Rhode Island’s ONLY Sports Massage Spa

The USMT wants you to know that we are the only facility that provides you with the highest level of sports massage & the amenities that go along with it in one location.

One thing we can offer here is direct access to you. We don’t need a doctor’s note (it’s great for the file, but not necessary) nor do you need to ask for a referral from your doctor..

We have various sports massage sessions to suit your needs along with the use of ice and or heat when needed, and the ice bath for those who really understand the benefit of utilizing that service.

We are not a physical therapy establishment; however we do network with various PT’s, chiropractors and medical personal. We do not bill or accept insurance either.

The goal here at the USMT is to provide goal orientated, performance based outcomes. We are here to provide superior service to those athletes & clients that want to stay healthy & injury free. We are your first line of defense when it comes to recognizing muscular issues that could possible set you up for injuries.

Another goal is to help you recover from a medical issue / sports injury post PT or in conjunction with your current treatments.

We can tailor your sports massage sessions to meet your specific needs. We also have the space to set up TEAM sports massage sessions.

Check us out, give us a call.. we are excited to answer any questions you have.

Lori-Ann & the USMT Staff

Looking Back 2010...

Looking back at this past year….. 2010

It has been one heck of an exciting adventure… and with adventures there are up’s & down’s and I can tell you that we ( myself & the Sports Massage Team) have experienced them all.

I think the biggest challenge I had to deal with this past year was finding the “right” location for me, the USMT & most importantly… YOU, my client’s & athletes. I have to be honest; I was my biggest enemy with that whole issue. I figured it out and now we are all on the right path to a better practice along with continual growth to better serve you. I am extremely excited about the future and what is being developed to continually improve the service you have come to expect. I have no intention of slowing down nor do I have any intention of “passing the torch” and seriously, who would I pass it to anyway?

I have worked hard at developing the USMT brand, providing excellent service and going that extra mile for the clients & athletes that require the service we offer. The therapists that are members of the USMT are held to the highest standards, required to stay current with state & national credentials, ethics and industry knowledge & skill. We are the EXTREME TEAM!

This past year I experienced another milestone in my career… I was invited back with the USOC to participate at the Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver Canada. What a way to start off the year… I came back with new excitement & energy and a commitment to continually strive to be the best. Working with athletes who compete with spinal cord injuries, amputations or visually impaired is completely amazing. Trust me when I say as a therapist… you have to show up with your “A” game every day, they depend on you.

I will never apologies for expecting every massage therapist to perform to that extent or that level on a daily basis…. When other MT’s fall short of this expectation (and they do) they are the ones who give massage the bad reputation it has in the sporting & medical fields. We have all heard the horror stories… challenge your -self to be better… I do EVERYDAY & so does the USMT!

The USMT experienced a full & exciting sports event schedule this year and are now enjoying some well- deserved down time. We will start the sports massage event schedule back up in May 2011 starting with the Cox Marathon.
We will be sticking to a strict schedule this year and it will be posted in January 2011. Stay tuned for it.

Events we enjoyed this year consisted of:

• RI Indoor Track & Field Championships (Feb.)
• 2010 US Paralympic Games (March)
• Cox Marathon (May)
• New England Rugby Championships (May)
• REV3 Tri (June)
• Amica IRONMAN 70.3 (July)
• Crabman Sprint Tri ( Trish, Kristen & I participated in event)
• St. Jude Bike Event (Sept.)
• New Balance XC Invitational (Sept.)
• Woman’s Classic 5K ( Oct.)
• Amica Marathon (Oct.)
• Marine Corps Marathon , Washington DC ( Oct.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or would like to have us at one of your sporting events… I am only an e-mail, phone call or text message away.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Sports Massage Holiday Gift Certificates!

Holiday Gift Certificates!

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team will have gift certificates available for a Healthy Holiday Gift giving idea ~~ They are great for stocking stuffers and ideal for those important people in your life that could absolutely benefit from a post work out or competition massage session.

Gift certificates are available at the office for purchase OR you can use the paypal option and we will mail the gift certificate directly to you.

Happy Holidays!

Lori-Ann & the USMT staff!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cryotherapy ~~

The Healing Elements of Cryotherapy ~ I'll never get tired of hearing 'Oh shit, that's cold'.

This is treatment to the tissues with ice or cold substances as opposed to thermal therapy which is treatment with heat (I'll touch upon that in the next article). Depending on the objectives, one or both therapies can be used in almost any situation because they are so therapeutically useful. The degree and benefit derived from use of cryotherapy is often dictated by the frequency, intensity and duration of treatment(s).

Typically, cryotherapy treatments are applied between 10 and 30 minutes at a time. For recent, acute inflammations, ice application or massage may be required every two to four hours and later, twice a day, bearing in mind that the inflammation process lasts for about 24-72 hours. The sooner that cryotherapy is applied to an acute injury, the better.

Cryotherapy can reduce the acute inflammatory response, cause a decrease in local circulation, increase blood viscosity and reduce swelling. This can also reduce muscle spasm and increase the pain threshold for uncomfortable, deep friction massage techniques. All these benefits allow the therapist to get into the muscle, work it, reeducate the fibers and clear out the 'junk' so the muscles smoothly glide past one another and function properly on their own and with each other.

Equipment to use could be as simple as a bag of frozen peas. The chemical cold packs work well but there's nothing like a pure piece of ice to rub all over that tormented injury site. If you choose to go with the plain ice, rub it over the affected area without adding too much pressure. Do this until the area is numb and make sure that you do not cause tissue death from excessive freezing to your hands or the affected area. Trust me, this doesn't feel good. I did it to my thumb once and it was swollen and I couldn't feel it for a week. This takes finesse and/or a barrier between your hands and the ice, people. Another technique for those who get weak in the knees during cryotherapy treatments is to place a damp towel between the affected area and the bag of ice and let it sit between 10 to 30 minutes, depending upon depth of injury. The dampness of the towel allows the cold to transfer to the body easier than a dry towel.

Ice Baths!

These cold plunges are gaining popularity with elite athletes. After arduous training sessions, a short soak can reduce the severity of minor muscle injuries and the inevitable aches and pains. I highly recommend the ice plunge for anyone who's really working their legs. The legs house the largest muscle group in the body. Besides the feet, I think most problems originate, in some form or another, from weakness or injury in the legs. Help your recovery time and better your performance 10 fold with a quick dip in an ice bath, preferably the one here at Crossfit Providence so I can monitor the bath for it's correct therapeutic temperature. We've even got the rubber ducky to keep you company!

Remember that cryotherapy works best for acute, sub-acute injuries and early rehab. If you've tweaked something during a workout in Crossfit, don't wait to drive all the way home, come see me ASAP. We can work together to resolve your issues and make you a stronger, faster, more mobile and healthier athlete.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stretching 102

Stretching 102

Stretching has a variety of practical approaches. It will always be passive or active, or, in the case of muscle energy techniques, it will involve a resistance component. Furthermore, stretching may also be broken down into categories as being dynamic, ballistic or static. In order to gain the most benefit from the practice of stretching, it is important for the therapist and/or yourself to have a working understanding of the body's stretch reflexes.

Active, passive, dynamic, static, ballistic, preparatory, developmental, maintenance and remedial stretching will be discussed here. I know it seems like a lot and you may have never even known there was so much to stretching, but believe me, it's a major component of great fitness. When your muscles are at their proper resting length, the whole muscle is being utilized and therefore working more efficiently for you. When muscles are taunt and cause a restrictive range of motion, the injuries start to occur.

This is performed solely by the athlete. Reciprocal inhibition is used in the way of the antagonist muscles being stretched by the contraction of synergist and agonist muscles. For example, you are contracting the quads to stretch the hamstrings. The whole body is a pulley system and these actions, to a small degree, are being performed somewhere in your tissues at almost all times of the day.

This is also referred to as relaxed stretching. The athlete is put through the movements by a therapist or workout partner, and there is little or no effort on the athlete's part. Passive stretching can reach beyond the range achievable by actively stretching which is a wonderful thing as it's another reason for all of you to receive some Thai massage from me. :)

This flexibility is the range of motion that is available during active movements. It is also referred to as mobility training and is about rhythmically moving muscles and joints through easy ranges and gradually increasing the range of movement without force. It's part of the warmup to sports, examples being shoulder shrugs and circles or elbow and knee bends.

This is simply stretching and then holding the position, whether actively or passively.

It is dynamic and rhythmic but more aggressive, usually involving bouncing and rebounding momentum into stretch positions. This type of stretching is rarely seen today for these forceful movements activate the stretch reflex and suddenly tighten muscles thus tightening the muscle at the end of it's range. In terms of developing flexibility, this technique is no good and causes microtrauma to the affected muscles.

Stretching that is performed before full activity is enacted. Warm up and gently mobilize before performing these stretches. These stretches are commonly held for 15-30 seconds and not to extreme ranges of motion or to the point of pain. Because competitive athletes are not 100% fit, this can help reduce discomfort and tightness before strenuous activity.

With this stretching, you are relaxing into a stretch that typically lasts from 15-30 seconds. It is performed slowly and you can expect to see gradual improvements to problematic regions over a period of weeks. It decreases tightness and increases normal extensibility. Some yoga poses are a great form of this stretching.

Stretch all major muscle groups but with main emphasis on the main muscles used in particular sports. These stretches are usually held for 15-30 seconds. Maintenance stretching is a routine approach and it keeps the muscles and joints in good working order, also improving recovery from hard training.

This is stretching that is a particularly important skill area for the massage therapist. Muscle fibers and joints are re-educated. Injuries and imbalances are treated. Connective tissues are lengthened, even areas around scar tissue, and the therapist provides techniques to broaden the muscle at the same time for remedial stretching is commonly combined with massage techniques (sports and Thai massage).

So, with that said...find your tight spots and start using these guidelines to create a stretching program for yourself. Position yourself correctly and stretch slowly. Develop or maintain your flexibility every day and within a few weeks you will see some major improvements with your athletic abilities. If you need any ideas for certain stretches, you know who to turn to, this girl, Rainee. :)

Rainee Matseichyk

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pictures of Amica Ironman 70.3

Just a couple of pictures from the event... it was an exciting & rewarding weekend.. Two days working at the EXPO & then providing post event sports massage to the athletes that participated in the event. It's always nice to be rewarded for a job well done.. We look forward to next year!


Stretching 101

It is said that for ideal health and fitness, the muscles of the body need to be strong, supple, responsive, resistant to fatigue and in balance with one another. Stretching is a major component in obtaining these good results. Muscle, postural and biomechanical balance is always something to work towards. Being flexible in one region of the body does not mean that an individual will be flexible in all other areas. A strong indication for remedial massage and flexibility work is the improvement of muscle balance.

Many centers in the Western world incorporate yoga and martial arts which teach certain breathing techniques, stretches and postures for their health-giving benefits. The physical crux of both yoga and martial arts has been strength, flexibility, agility, co-ordination, balance and endurance. Not much has changed since these systems were originally developed.

The degree of flexibility an individual has is gauged against generally accepted norms and against what could be realistically expected for the individual concerned, given their age, state of health or fitness. Factors affecting flexibility are the type of joint (the specificity of flexibility); elasticity of muscle, tendon, fascia, skin and ligaments; muscle mass; body fat; body type; ability to relax; body temperature; age; sex; injuries and pathologies; postural and biomechanical deviations; environmental temperature; time of day; fitness level; normal fitness training routine undertaken; and occupation.

Without regular stretching, muscles and joints tend to experience restricted flexibility. This leaves the individual vulnerable to injury. For example, when a muscle is called upon to stretch suddenly in any activity, if it is unable to reach the necessary length, then something has to give, and it will be the structure of the muscle that will tear. And although stretching is well recommended by most experts and sports massage therapists, it is still often neglected or paid insufficient attention by exercisers. However, just as poor flexibility has potential consequences for restricting functional abilities and increasing the individual’s susceptibility to soft-tissue injuries, the situation of increased flexibility, or hyper flexibility, presents its own set of potential problems. This type of flexibility is usually attended to with strength rather than flexibility training and support to the affected joint during potentially aggravating activities.

The benefits of stretching on a regular basis are loose muscles, better mobilization of joints and improved postural balance, biomechanical efficiency, relaxation to the muscles, circulation, neuromuscular responsiveness, performance, recovery from training and competition, and flexibility. Stretching also develops body awareness, helps to prevent injuries, reduces exercise related muscle soreness and helps to treat soft-tissue injuries, adhesions and scar tissue.

In Stretching 102 the different types of stretching and when and how to apply them will be discussed.

Rainee Matseichyk LMT

Monday, June 7, 2010

REV3 Quassy CT 2010 Part 2

I would like to say THANK YOU to the members of the USMT!! I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put forth this past weekend. As you all know it was an exciting & action packed weekend which also required an extreme amount of flexibility and adjustment at times. Thanks for your understanding & patients as well.
What an incredible experience, it was awesome being right there in the thick of things and knowing we had a hand in making the event a huge success in regards to what we were responsible for.
The organizers & sponsers of the event were fabulous... great bunch of professionals to work with.. look forward to many more opportunities & events in the future.
Now preparing for the next big sporting event for the USMT..... AMICA IRONMAN!

REV3 Quassy CT 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sports Massage.... What's the deal????

So the other night while working with some of my "partners in crime"... Johnny & Dwayne ~ we were talking about our up coming sports event. The Revolution 3 Triathlon, an event that we have been looking forward to for a while now.

The subject of sports massage & what it encompasses came up.. this is a subject that comes up quite often because our experience with working along side other MT's out in the field is not always a good one... there are a few reasons for this & I am going to share my view on it...

There are going to be views & comments that may offend other MT's who put themselves out there as sports massage therapist.... Unfortunately I will not apologize for any "hurt feelings", I have the credentials to back up what I say... in other words, I can talk the talk & walk the walk!

That is another reason I formed the Ultimate Sports Massage Team ~~ I get to create & develop massage therapists who are interested in the following:
  • ability to problem solve
  • provide technical hands on muscular manipulation
  • create a successful treatment plan
  • work well within the sports medicine model

So, what is the deal with sports massage?

Well the deal is you must know the in's & out's of athletes, their training, any injuries & where your scope of practice is in all of this.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a "sports massage therapist" who comes out of the office & shows up to the event site to work and has NO CLUE what they are doing!

Get some training & seriously change your approach! Do not rely soley on the information you learned in massage school. Think out side the box. ~~ Swedish massage does not cut it in the athletic realm. Take some continuing education workshops on myofascial release, stretching ( all kinds of stretching) & deep tissue ( understand how the neuromuscular, trigger point & fascial net work intertwine and when to use each one.) The other issue is don't overwork an area... know when to stop!

One of the most important things to remember is your approach to "sports massage" & it's application:

"muscle specific, goal orientated & PERFORMANCE BASED"!

Don't get on site and use your "office massage" & sedate and put an athlete to sleep!

Be the muscular detective ~~ you should know the muscles of the body & how to navigate through the athletes muscular issue (s).

  • listen to your athlete
  • confer w/ various sports med professionals working with this athlete
  • get this athlete ready for competition

A bonified SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST will be able to use all of their skills & knowledge to allow their athlete to:

  • train
  • rehab
  • compete

with minimal muscular issues to allow for maximum athletic performance based on the current need. ( in other words, whats working best for the athlete) Remember some athletes will compete with a pre-existing injury, what are you doing to aid & improve performance while working with the injury?

It is important to me to train all of the members on the USMT with this approach. It's critical that we are all on the same page in regards to:

  • cryotherapy / ice modalities ~ when to use & why
  • thermotherapy / heat modalities ~ when to use & why
  • stretching / dynamic / static / active isolated / active release - facilitated
  • muscle specific manipulation
  • Psoas work - when to use & why
  • first aid / when to pass on athletes care to other medical professionals

Make no mistake about this: Athletes will size up a massage tent at an event, they will pass you up if they don't feel comfortable with what they see... BUT athletes will also spread the word like "wild fire" if they like the work and get results from you!

That is the main reason that the USMT has mandatory team trainings & drills, we practice technical manipulations and impliment various modalities that compliment our work.

We get it right, we show up and we do our jobs & do it well! We DAZZLE!!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the USMT, our trainings, about our members or events.

On to the REV3!!



3 X Olympic ~ Paralympic Sports Massage Therapist

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NERFU 2010

New England Rugby~~ What an experience! I have worked with a host of athletes, but I have to honestly say this was another new experience and a very exciting one at that.

Let me try & explain this the best I can:

The organization of the event was excellent~~ it's always a good thing when you show up on site and it's already good to go!

The Firemen, EMT's, ATC's & Park Rangers were all professional, easy going & we all worked together as a complete medical team. It was refreshing to work with other medical professionals who respected us (sports massage therapists) as equals. We created a "game plan" and set it in motion. By the end of the first day we worked together like a well oiled machine. Another aspect that I really enjoyed was having members of my team experience the "sports med" side of athletic training and what that encompasses:

  • taping
  • icing / wrapping
  • injury assessment & follow up
  • sports massage

What an excellent experience ~~ and I don't think we could have gotten any luckier to have been able to work with Katie & Tim from USMPT. I have worked with ATC's at the Olympic level and they fit right up there with them!

I look forward to working with Katie & Tim in the future.

Another exciting aspect of this event was... you never knew what was coming next... it kept you on your toes & alert!!

Some of the issues we encountered were:

  • ankle issues & taping
  • sprains & strains
  • dislocated or broken fingers
  • a couple of head injuries / cervical issues
  • cuts & abrasions
  • a few trips to the ER ~~ LIGHTS OUT!

The athletes & event organizers where all respectful~~ so at the end of the day you can't ask for anything better than that.

Michelle: (USMT member) Had this to say:

"Had a blast! ~~ Working with rugby athletes was an honor & they loved us right back!! Can't wait to do it again next year!!"

Well, the USMT is off to another exciting sporting event next month...

The Revolution 3 Triathlon !!

Stay tuned & thanks for checking in with us....


Monday, May 17, 2010

NERFU Weekend Event ~~ RUGBY

More photos to come, had an incredible weekend with the TEAM.... Enjoyed working with all of the members of the various professional medical services. ( ATC's from USMPT & the Firemen from the Newport Fire Department.)

NEWPORT RUGBY LEAGUE was awesome to partner with also!

It was an incredible 2 day event, lots of action & excitement! Look forward to next year.

More information will be posted soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sports Massage @ Upcoming Events 2010

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team is gearing up for another active athletic spring, summer & fall event series.

Here is a list of a few "heavy hitting events" we have scheduled, with a few more in the works.

COX MARATHON ~~ May 2nd, 2010
REV3 Triathlon CT ~~ June 4th - 6th 2010
AMICA IRONMAN ~~ July 9th- 11th 2010
REV3 Triathlon OH ~~ September 2010
AMICA MARATHON ~~ October 2010
MARINE CORPS MARATHON ~~ Weekend of October 31st,2010

The Ultimate Sports Massage Team is looking for a "few good therapists" who are interested in joining the team. If you are interested and looking for additional information ~~ please contact me as soon as possible. We will be having a mandatory team meeting in the near future and once we start the sports massage season off, we will not have time to entertain new inquiries until next fall.

This is going to be a very exciting action packed year... I have just come from a very exciting & motivating experience with the 2010 Paralympic Sports Medical Team.

I have a renewed drive & determination of where & how I want to guide this sports massage team. The opportunities are going to be endless ~~ So if you want to be part of this action, I would say hang on tight because your going to be in for a ride of your life!

HOWEVER... with that said... I will provide the opportunities, trainings and incentives for those that are committed to this team and what it represents. I WILL NOT babysit, deal with excuses or except anything less than 100% from each member of the team.

I am a WINNER & I want winners on my team!

So if you are a hard worker, dedicated to providing goal orientated, performance based sports massage to athletes and can work in a team environment ~~ we are looking for you.

3X Olympic / Paralympic Sports Massage Therapist

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final Post 4 the 2010 Paralympics

Let me start off by saying this has been a truly honorable & exciting experience to be part of the sports medical team supporting our US Paralympic athletes.

These athletes are truly amazing! They embody the true sense of perseverance, dedication, discipline & determination and man do they put it "balls to the walls"! It's inspiring to know that they still have the drive to get it done ~~ even with their limitations.

Think about it ~~ would you ski down a hill @ 60 miles an hour blind folded? Well, we have athletes here who have been competing blind - visually impaired and they are winning!!

Danelle won 2 bronze medals & Mark won Silver

I admire all of the athletes here in the village, not just from the US but all over the world ~~ this Paralympic movement is incredible.

Thursday I was told I was going to the mountain to watch the athletes & the races. Holy Cow was it fun ~~ very up front & personal. The athletes were excited to see me too! They truly do appreciate all the work that we provide for them in a "games" mode ~~ remember we are there to support them.

So while on the hill I was able to loosen up and stretch out a few competitors prior to their event then watched in the VIP area on the hill. It's great stuff when you have credentials that get you where you need to go!

On the world stage it's amazing how AMERICANS are hated & loved at the same time ~~ that concept I don't know if I'll ever get use to or understand.

Tonight I am going down to Vancouver to watch the Gold medal match in wheelchair curling .. Go Team USA.

The sled hockey team is also going for the gold tonight as well.

Sunday the medical team will be going out to watch the Nordic / cross country skiers compete. We have been working on them on a regular basis & get to watch them one last time.

In Whistler Village the medical team has treated athletes with the following medical issues/conditions/limitations:
  • spinal cord injuries/wheelchair bound
  • visual limitation
  • birth defects/missing limbs
  • cerebral palsy / bells palsy
  • amputations

There is a diverse group of athletes here & their treatments vary widely. It's so important for me to understand the pathology/issue at hand and make a decision for treatment to address both health & performance.

I have been extremely busy ~~ but I love it!! Exspecially when the athletes come back for follow up service & they perform well. That's what it is all about... I could give you the boring rundown of treatments & modalities I have been utilizing but I won't, I think you get the picture. I think it's awesome when athlete's say things like "man she is an angel & a devil all at the same time"! They make me smile, and for those of you who have had my work ~~ YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN ABOUT!

One athlete I have worked with during the games is Alana Nichols. She is a down hill sitting Alpine Skier. She has won 2 gold medals, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze here at Whistler. Alana also has the distinction of being the only Paralympian to win Gold in both a summer & winter Paralympic Games.

See what I'm talking about!

These athletes can have just as disastrous crashes as the able bodied athletes like Lindsey Von for example. Then it's our job to treat them & get them back out there for competition.

The games are coming to a close ~~ we will participate in closing ceremonies to night and then start the pack out phase .


I will post some closing ceremonies photo's tomorrow, but Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me throughout my dream!

  • Thanks to my family~ I love you guys
  • Thanks to my fellow colleagues who pick up the slack while I'm away
  • Thanks to my clients who put up with my jet setting... but I always bring back new & innovating modalities for your sessions!

Total medal count for the US was 4 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals & 4 Bronze

I'm out for now



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day In The Office at the Paralympics 2010

Alana Nichols, Alpine Downhill Slalom Gold Medal Paralympian 2010
Today was a very busy day, however it has been extremely busy in the office since the games have officially started. I am continually impressed by each one of these paralympians that I have worked with. They are very serious about their training, well being and making sure they take care of themselves to be ready for competition. It's really refreshing to be surrounded by athletes that get it done, follow a training regiment, eat healthy and follow through with sports med's recommendations whether the information is coming from the ATC, Chiropractor or the sports massage therapist.... I also like this particular team I'm working with, the chief medical officer, the ATC, PT and Chiropractor are so professional and great at what they do.
My typical day starts at 8:45 AM and ends at aprox. 9PM ~ I have been providing aprox. 7-11 30 minute sports massage sessions a day. I have a set schedule for athletes that are training & one that works well for the athletes that are competing. My schedule fills up rather quickly.. but being busy is a good thing.
I also enjoy learning new things from the ATC & PT.. things I can take back to my clients!
The athletes here are figuring out quick that I do not provide the normal or average sports massage session, this stuff is cutting edge, fine tuned & precise.. with goal orientated results.. and I can say with confidence that they are reaping the benefits.
Hannah, an Alpine athlete with Cerebral Palsy had an apt. with me the other day and I got very excited about the work so I said "man this is great!" ~~ her reply was... I think my "man this is great" is much different than yours! of course we both laughed, bottom line is she likes the work and keeps coming back.
I could go on about all the little stories and these talented and wonderful athletes, it's such an honor to be here with them and look forward to more opportunities to work with them.
Our Gold Medal Paralympian came into sports med today to show us her medal, we had been working with her the week prior to her win~~ it's validating to know you helped her achieve that gold medal.
Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day of competition, looking forward to more US wins! ~~ stay tuned.


What an AMAZING opportunity to be part of the Paralympics and work with these incredible athletes ~~ It was a complete honor to be able to walk across that stage to represent the United States Of AMERICA, holy cow it doesn't get any better than that... what a night!

Opening Ceremonies Photo's

So here we all are hamming it up in our TEAM USA uniforms before leaving for Vancouver for opening ceremonies...
I am in a photo with Heath (our Flag bearer), Heath & Monte and Brad, Ian & Tyler and Hannah & I ... what a crew, let me tell you there are alot of laughs going on in the sports medical facility!
Open Ceremonies were completely AMAZING!

March 17th, 2010 Fourth Post

US Wheelchair Curling Team, I had the privilege to travel with them to Vancouver & have actually been able to see a game of theirs... planning on attending the Gold Medal Match!..
Views around the Village & one of me with Miga!
It has been extremely busy & exciting since competition has started...I can't say enough about these incredible athletes! It is my privilege to be here with them!
I'll be posting additional photo's of Opening Ceremonies.
Out for now..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010 Third Post

Well I think I have finally figured out how to get photos off my camera and on the page with the help from the IT guys!
I have included views from my room of the Paralympic Village and of course my massage table & the challenge coin I received for volunteering at the games.
Today was a very busy day with not only treating athletes but participating in the flag raising ceremony for the United States. It was alot of fun to be with them while they are being recognized and they are happy to have you with them because they truly do appreciate our service to them. On more than one occasion since being here with these athletes they have expressed that appreciation to me. Totally incredible, like I have mentioned before... they didn't know me prior to the games.
Another exciting bit of news is I found out today who will be our flag bearer for the Opening Ceremonies.. Heath Calhoun... , the former Army Ranger turned paralympian who I have been treating... what an awesome guy! ~~he is very inspiring, to say the least... they all are.
I am extremely excited about walking & participating in the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night, I know I will have a hard time trying not to cry.. this is truly a dream come true!!!!!
Days are long here, however they are busy and exciting all at the same time and nothing is ever the same... it's all about the flexibility and knowing how to get the job done as a team and representing the greatest country on earth!! GO TEAM USA!!!!
I will post new photos' in a few days ~~ stay tuned!