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Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, January 25, 2010



I am currently volunteering my time & sports massage services here
at the OTC (Olympic Training Center)in Chula Vista, California.

I have recently finished up my 1st week & have provided 42 sports massage sessions to resident athletes along with athletes dropping in before major competitions!

I have had the opportunity to work with athletes ranging from:
~ kayakers, rowers, scullers to include both male & female athletes
~ athletics: track & field to include running, sprints, long distance,
triathlon along with jumping and throwing.

~ woman's field hockey, archery, BMX cycling and paralympic athletes

What I am finding is each discipline encompasses different kinesiology ( movement of the body) and myology ( muscle groups ). This is critical, it's important to understand the movement of the body during the athletic activity. This focus is completely different than just providing a relaxing massage in the office. It is not in the athletes best interest to approach the session the same way each time.

Understanding "different strokes for different folks" is paramount -- it is truly important to LISTEN to the athlete in front of you -- what are they telling me?? It is my job to make the "connections" & "connect the dots" if you will. I have to come up with the treatment plan, put it in motion and produce the results the athlete & coaches are looking for. Again.. That's my job & I LOVE IT!!

I have had the opportunity to go and watch these athletes while they are training -- using their bodies in motion. I get to visually see what is going on, bringing it all back to the sports massage setting for the benefit of the athlete.

Make NO MISTAKE about this, these athletes know their bodies and will not put up with less than standard care.

The days are long, but exciting!

I am part of the USOC volunteer medical team providing a service that is beneficial to these elite "cream of the crop" athletes.

At times it is overwhelming & can be an emotional roller coaster ~~ the excitement of being part of the "behind the scenes" medical team that works hard to keep our US Olympic level athletes on top of their game. Lets face it, the ultimate goal is to bring home the GOLD!

It is a complete honor to be part of this program with the USOC. I will complete the 1st phase of this journey at the end of the week ( 1/31/2010). I have committed myself to this process and know there is more to come.

There are 4 levels in this program, I look forward to future volunteer opportunities and ULTIMATELY attaining my goal of working at an OLYMPIC Games!

Through hard work, dedication & commitment along with some sacrifices I know it can be done.


David Silvia is a licensed, certified massage therapist who resides in East Freetown MA & is a critical member of the Ultimate Sports Massage Team, he also owns & operates his own practice. Dave can be reached at the following:

Active Health Massage Therapy
18 Cohannet Street
Taunton, MA 02780


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