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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day In The Office at the Paralympics 2010

Alana Nichols, Alpine Downhill Slalom Gold Medal Paralympian 2010
Today was a very busy day, however it has been extremely busy in the office since the games have officially started. I am continually impressed by each one of these paralympians that I have worked with. They are very serious about their training, well being and making sure they take care of themselves to be ready for competition. It's really refreshing to be surrounded by athletes that get it done, follow a training regiment, eat healthy and follow through with sports med's recommendations whether the information is coming from the ATC, Chiropractor or the sports massage therapist.... I also like this particular team I'm working with, the chief medical officer, the ATC, PT and Chiropractor are so professional and great at what they do.
My typical day starts at 8:45 AM and ends at aprox. 9PM ~ I have been providing aprox. 7-11 30 minute sports massage sessions a day. I have a set schedule for athletes that are training & one that works well for the athletes that are competing. My schedule fills up rather quickly.. but being busy is a good thing.
I also enjoy learning new things from the ATC & PT.. things I can take back to my clients!
The athletes here are figuring out quick that I do not provide the normal or average sports massage session, this stuff is cutting edge, fine tuned & precise.. with goal orientated results.. and I can say with confidence that they are reaping the benefits.
Hannah, an Alpine athlete with Cerebral Palsy had an apt. with me the other day and I got very excited about the work so I said "man this is great!" ~~ her reply was... I think my "man this is great" is much different than yours! of course we both laughed, bottom line is she likes the work and keeps coming back.
I could go on about all the little stories and these talented and wonderful athletes, it's such an honor to be here with them and look forward to more opportunities to work with them.
Our Gold Medal Paralympian came into sports med today to show us her medal, we had been working with her the week prior to her win~~ it's validating to know you helped her achieve that gold medal.
Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day of competition, looking forward to more US wins! ~~ stay tuned.

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