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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final Post 4 the 2010 Paralympics

Let me start off by saying this has been a truly honorable & exciting experience to be part of the sports medical team supporting our US Paralympic athletes.

These athletes are truly amazing! They embody the true sense of perseverance, dedication, discipline & determination and man do they put it "balls to the walls"! It's inspiring to know that they still have the drive to get it done ~~ even with their limitations.

Think about it ~~ would you ski down a hill @ 60 miles an hour blind folded? Well, we have athletes here who have been competing blind - visually impaired and they are winning!!

Danelle won 2 bronze medals & Mark won Silver

I admire all of the athletes here in the village, not just from the US but all over the world ~~ this Paralympic movement is incredible.

Thursday I was told I was going to the mountain to watch the athletes & the races. Holy Cow was it fun ~~ very up front & personal. The athletes were excited to see me too! They truly do appreciate all the work that we provide for them in a "games" mode ~~ remember we are there to support them.

So while on the hill I was able to loosen up and stretch out a few competitors prior to their event then watched in the VIP area on the hill. It's great stuff when you have credentials that get you where you need to go!

On the world stage it's amazing how AMERICANS are hated & loved at the same time ~~ that concept I don't know if I'll ever get use to or understand.

Tonight I am going down to Vancouver to watch the Gold medal match in wheelchair curling .. Go Team USA.

The sled hockey team is also going for the gold tonight as well.

Sunday the medical team will be going out to watch the Nordic / cross country skiers compete. We have been working on them on a regular basis & get to watch them one last time.

In Whistler Village the medical team has treated athletes with the following medical issues/conditions/limitations:
  • spinal cord injuries/wheelchair bound
  • visual limitation
  • birth defects/missing limbs
  • cerebral palsy / bells palsy
  • amputations

There is a diverse group of athletes here & their treatments vary widely. It's so important for me to understand the pathology/issue at hand and make a decision for treatment to address both health & performance.

I have been extremely busy ~~ but I love it!! Exspecially when the athletes come back for follow up service & they perform well. That's what it is all about... I could give you the boring rundown of treatments & modalities I have been utilizing but I won't, I think you get the picture. I think it's awesome when athlete's say things like "man she is an angel & a devil all at the same time"! They make me smile, and for those of you who have had my work ~~ YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN ABOUT!

One athlete I have worked with during the games is Alana Nichols. She is a down hill sitting Alpine Skier. She has won 2 gold medals, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze here at Whistler. Alana also has the distinction of being the only Paralympian to win Gold in both a summer & winter Paralympic Games.

See what I'm talking about!

These athletes can have just as disastrous crashes as the able bodied athletes like Lindsey Von for example. Then it's our job to treat them & get them back out there for competition.

The games are coming to a close ~~ we will participate in closing ceremonies to night and then start the pack out phase .


I will post some closing ceremonies photo's tomorrow, but Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me throughout my dream!

  • Thanks to my family~ I love you guys
  • Thanks to my fellow colleagues who pick up the slack while I'm away
  • Thanks to my clients who put up with my jet setting... but I always bring back new & innovating modalities for your sessions!

Total medal count for the US was 4 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals & 4 Bronze

I'm out for now



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