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Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sports Massage.... What's the deal????

So the other night while working with some of my "partners in crime"... Johnny & Dwayne ~ we were talking about our up coming sports event. The Revolution 3 Triathlon, an event that we have been looking forward to for a while now.

The subject of sports massage & what it encompasses came up.. this is a subject that comes up quite often because our experience with working along side other MT's out in the field is not always a good one... there are a few reasons for this & I am going to share my view on it...

There are going to be views & comments that may offend other MT's who put themselves out there as sports massage therapist.... Unfortunately I will not apologize for any "hurt feelings", I have the credentials to back up what I say... in other words, I can talk the talk & walk the walk!

That is another reason I formed the Ultimate Sports Massage Team ~~ I get to create & develop massage therapists who are interested in the following:
  • ability to problem solve
  • provide technical hands on muscular manipulation
  • create a successful treatment plan
  • work well within the sports medicine model

So, what is the deal with sports massage?

Well the deal is you must know the in's & out's of athletes, their training, any injuries & where your scope of practice is in all of this.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a "sports massage therapist" who comes out of the office & shows up to the event site to work and has NO CLUE what they are doing!

Get some training & seriously change your approach! Do not rely soley on the information you learned in massage school. Think out side the box. ~~ Swedish massage does not cut it in the athletic realm. Take some continuing education workshops on myofascial release, stretching ( all kinds of stretching) & deep tissue ( understand how the neuromuscular, trigger point & fascial net work intertwine and when to use each one.) The other issue is don't overwork an area... know when to stop!

One of the most important things to remember is your approach to "sports massage" & it's application:

"muscle specific, goal orientated & PERFORMANCE BASED"!

Don't get on site and use your "office massage" & sedate and put an athlete to sleep!

Be the muscular detective ~~ you should know the muscles of the body & how to navigate through the athletes muscular issue (s).

  • listen to your athlete
  • confer w/ various sports med professionals working with this athlete
  • get this athlete ready for competition

A bonified SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST will be able to use all of their skills & knowledge to allow their athlete to:

  • train
  • rehab
  • compete

with minimal muscular issues to allow for maximum athletic performance based on the current need. ( in other words, whats working best for the athlete) Remember some athletes will compete with a pre-existing injury, what are you doing to aid & improve performance while working with the injury?

It is important to me to train all of the members on the USMT with this approach. It's critical that we are all on the same page in regards to:

  • cryotherapy / ice modalities ~ when to use & why
  • thermotherapy / heat modalities ~ when to use & why
  • stretching / dynamic / static / active isolated / active release - facilitated
  • muscle specific manipulation
  • Psoas work - when to use & why
  • first aid / when to pass on athletes care to other medical professionals

Make no mistake about this: Athletes will size up a massage tent at an event, they will pass you up if they don't feel comfortable with what they see... BUT athletes will also spread the word like "wild fire" if they like the work and get results from you!

That is the main reason that the USMT has mandatory team trainings & drills, we practice technical manipulations and impliment various modalities that compliment our work.

We get it right, we show up and we do our jobs & do it well! We DAZZLE!!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the USMT, our trainings, about our members or events.

On to the REV3!!



3 X Olympic ~ Paralympic Sports Massage Therapist

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NERFU 2010

New England Rugby~~ What an experience! I have worked with a host of athletes, but I have to honestly say this was another new experience and a very exciting one at that.

Let me try & explain this the best I can:

The organization of the event was excellent~~ it's always a good thing when you show up on site and it's already good to go!

The Firemen, EMT's, ATC's & Park Rangers were all professional, easy going & we all worked together as a complete medical team. It was refreshing to work with other medical professionals who respected us (sports massage therapists) as equals. We created a "game plan" and set it in motion. By the end of the first day we worked together like a well oiled machine. Another aspect that I really enjoyed was having members of my team experience the "sports med" side of athletic training and what that encompasses:

  • taping
  • icing / wrapping
  • injury assessment & follow up
  • sports massage

What an excellent experience ~~ and I don't think we could have gotten any luckier to have been able to work with Katie & Tim from USMPT. I have worked with ATC's at the Olympic level and they fit right up there with them!

I look forward to working with Katie & Tim in the future.

Another exciting aspect of this event was... you never knew what was coming next... it kept you on your toes & alert!!

Some of the issues we encountered were:

  • ankle issues & taping
  • sprains & strains
  • dislocated or broken fingers
  • a couple of head injuries / cervical issues
  • cuts & abrasions
  • a few trips to the ER ~~ LIGHTS OUT!

The athletes & event organizers where all respectful~~ so at the end of the day you can't ask for anything better than that.

Michelle: (USMT member) Had this to say:

"Had a blast! ~~ Working with rugby athletes was an honor & they loved us right back!! Can't wait to do it again next year!!"

Well, the USMT is off to another exciting sporting event next month...

The Revolution 3 Triathlon !!

Stay tuned & thanks for checking in with us....


Monday, May 17, 2010

NERFU Weekend Event ~~ RUGBY

More photos to come, had an incredible weekend with the TEAM.... Enjoyed working with all of the members of the various professional medical services. ( ATC's from USMPT & the Firemen from the Newport Fire Department.)

NEWPORT RUGBY LEAGUE was awesome to partner with also!

It was an incredible 2 day event, lots of action & excitement! Look forward to next year.

More information will be posted soon!