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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crossfit Coach: BRYCE

Personal fitness chef and Crossfit Coach, Bryce Boratko, has combined two of his life’s loves: food and fitness. Bryce grew up a multi-sport athlete playing soccer, baseball, basketball and swimming at the Varsity level. He has always had a competitive edge and the ambition to be the best that he could be at whatever he tries. During high school, Bryce and his relay team in swimming broke two long standing school records and made it to the CT State Swimming Championship. He also received the U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Athlete Award as a senior in high school. Aside from athletics, Bryce also enjoys the outdoors. Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing are among his favorite hobbies.

At the age of 15, Bryce got a job washing dishes at a small restaurant near where he grew up in CT. He quickly became interested in cooking and the restaurant business and knew he wanted to make it his profession. After receiving a degree in Culinary Arts and a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition at Johnson & Wales University, Bryce completed a highly prestigious internship at La Locanda di Piero, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Vicenza, Italy. He then came back to finish up his nutrition degree and worked as a cook at two of Rhode Island’s most highly acclaimed restaurants, Gracie’s and La Laiterie. Since that time, Bryce has also renewed his interest in athletics and fitness by becoming a certified Crossfit coach and personal trainer.

The correct combination of food and fitness are two primary factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bryce’s cooking is heavily influenced by the Paleo Diet, as well as Mediterranean Cuisine and his goal is to teach how to create a lifestyle that is beneficial for health and fitness.

You can reach Bryce @ 401-206-3735 or e-mail him @


Friday, December 3, 2010

RI's ONLY Sports Massage Spa!

Rhode Island’s ONLY Sports Massage Spa

The USMT wants you to know that we are the only facility that provides you with the highest level of sports massage & the amenities that go along with it in one location.

One thing we can offer here is direct access to you. We don’t need a doctor’s note (it’s great for the file, but not necessary) nor do you need to ask for a referral from your doctor..

We have various sports massage sessions to suit your needs along with the use of ice and or heat when needed, and the ice bath for those who really understand the benefit of utilizing that service.

We are not a physical therapy establishment; however we do network with various PT’s, chiropractors and medical personal. We do not bill or accept insurance either.

The goal here at the USMT is to provide goal orientated, performance based outcomes. We are here to provide superior service to those athletes & clients that want to stay healthy & injury free. We are your first line of defense when it comes to recognizing muscular issues that could possible set you up for injuries.

Another goal is to help you recover from a medical issue / sports injury post PT or in conjunction with your current treatments.

We can tailor your sports massage sessions to meet your specific needs. We also have the space to set up TEAM sports massage sessions.

Check us out, give us a call.. we are excited to answer any questions you have.

Lori-Ann & the USMT Staff

Looking Back 2010...

Looking back at this past year….. 2010

It has been one heck of an exciting adventure… and with adventures there are up’s & down’s and I can tell you that we ( myself & the Sports Massage Team) have experienced them all.

I think the biggest challenge I had to deal with this past year was finding the “right” location for me, the USMT & most importantly… YOU, my client’s & athletes. I have to be honest; I was my biggest enemy with that whole issue. I figured it out and now we are all on the right path to a better practice along with continual growth to better serve you. I am extremely excited about the future and what is being developed to continually improve the service you have come to expect. I have no intention of slowing down nor do I have any intention of “passing the torch” and seriously, who would I pass it to anyway?

I have worked hard at developing the USMT brand, providing excellent service and going that extra mile for the clients & athletes that require the service we offer. The therapists that are members of the USMT are held to the highest standards, required to stay current with state & national credentials, ethics and industry knowledge & skill. We are the EXTREME TEAM!

This past year I experienced another milestone in my career… I was invited back with the USOC to participate at the Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver Canada. What a way to start off the year… I came back with new excitement & energy and a commitment to continually strive to be the best. Working with athletes who compete with spinal cord injuries, amputations or visually impaired is completely amazing. Trust me when I say as a therapist… you have to show up with your “A” game every day, they depend on you.

I will never apologies for expecting every massage therapist to perform to that extent or that level on a daily basis…. When other MT’s fall short of this expectation (and they do) they are the ones who give massage the bad reputation it has in the sporting & medical fields. We have all heard the horror stories… challenge your -self to be better… I do EVERYDAY & so does the USMT!

The USMT experienced a full & exciting sports event schedule this year and are now enjoying some well- deserved down time. We will start the sports massage event schedule back up in May 2011 starting with the Cox Marathon.
We will be sticking to a strict schedule this year and it will be posted in January 2011. Stay tuned for it.

Events we enjoyed this year consisted of:

• RI Indoor Track & Field Championships (Feb.)
• 2010 US Paralympic Games (March)
• Cox Marathon (May)
• New England Rugby Championships (May)
• REV3 Tri (June)
• Amica IRONMAN 70.3 (July)
• Crabman Sprint Tri ( Trish, Kristen & I participated in event)
• St. Jude Bike Event (Sept.)
• New Balance XC Invitational (Sept.)
• Woman’s Classic 5K ( Oct.)
• Amica Marathon (Oct.)
• Marine Corps Marathon , Washington DC ( Oct.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or would like to have us at one of your sporting events… I am only an e-mail, phone call or text message away.