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Friday, December 3, 2010

RI's ONLY Sports Massage Spa!

Rhode Island’s ONLY Sports Massage Spa

The USMT wants you to know that we are the only facility that provides you with the highest level of sports massage & the amenities that go along with it in one location.

One thing we can offer here is direct access to you. We don’t need a doctor’s note (it’s great for the file, but not necessary) nor do you need to ask for a referral from your doctor..

We have various sports massage sessions to suit your needs along with the use of ice and or heat when needed, and the ice bath for those who really understand the benefit of utilizing that service.

We are not a physical therapy establishment; however we do network with various PT’s, chiropractors and medical personal. We do not bill or accept insurance either.

The goal here at the USMT is to provide goal orientated, performance based outcomes. We are here to provide superior service to those athletes & clients that want to stay healthy & injury free. We are your first line of defense when it comes to recognizing muscular issues that could possible set you up for injuries.

Another goal is to help you recover from a medical issue / sports injury post PT or in conjunction with your current treatments.

We can tailor your sports massage sessions to meet your specific needs. We also have the space to set up TEAM sports massage sessions.

Check us out, give us a call.. we are excited to answer any questions you have.

Lori-Ann & the USMT Staff


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