Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 RI Winter Classic Track & Field Event

RI Classic Track & Field Event, Providence RI Dec. 28th 2011

High school athletes are exciting & challenging to work with at the same time. The USMT has been on site to provide sports massage to the many athletes that participate in the event. It’s always nice when the athletes that travel long distances to get there are happy to see us. Yesterday we had a few NY runners come to the sports massage area for pre- & post sessions … they were so happy because they said they needed the same kind of work we provided them last year. What’s even better is when they come back with the hard wear and show you. These are some pretty fabulous kids.

Our local runners are excited as well… they too know they will get that quality work that will keep them in top form.

So needless to say it can be emotionally charged too. I, along with my team mates have regular clients that are competing while we are “tuning up” their opponents for the same competition… On a day like this.. Everyone gets the same “bone crunching intense” sports massage work. We can’t play favorites. The athlete who is the “hungriest” for that win is going to come out on top.

Our job is to support them the best way we can.

We ended the day knowing we gave it our all as well. Athletes were happy along with the parents & coaches. The race director was happy… it was a Gold Medal day for us!

I am proud of the members of the USMT Team!!

2012 will be bigger & better……….

Happy New Year!

Always & With the GLITTER!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking Back at 2011


Here at the USMT office we are quickly gearing up for the last sports massage event we will participate in until we restart the sports massage event schedule in May 2012.

On reflection we have had some pretty incredible opportunities and events that we have had the privilege to be at.

We started the year off with approximately 17 massage therapists.. We are now down to 8 core team members with a few as auxiliary members. With that said , we are always looking for a few good sports massage therapists that are willing to learn new things and able to let go of bad habits and embrace the way that the USMT operates.

I totally understand that life acts up.. But when you make a commitment… You must honor it, stick with it & follow through.

Lead from the front, stand out and set the bar! I believe that I have done just that with the USMT along with the help of my friends!

This year we experienced some incredible “highs” as sports massage therapists. In May three (3) of us participated at the Wounded Warrior Games out in Colorado Springs located & facilitated at the Olympic training Center. We partnered with the OTC staff & Military medical services as well. As a team, Kristen, Dwayne & I provided over 179 half hour sports massage sessions during the course of a 4 ½ work week. The Wounded Warrior Games consisted of over 220 wounded military personal from all branches of the military competing in 7 various sports events. Some of the competitors trained for multiple events. It was completely amazing to interact with & provide our special brand of sports massage to these great warriors! We have gained life long friends at this event.

Other events we participated at during the spring season were the COX Marathon, Newport Rugby Championships, RI State Track & Field Championships and the CROSSFIT REGIONAL GAMES then the AMICA IRONMAN in July. The end of July found us at a 24 Hour Race Around the Lake. This event was quite interesting & great fun! We were on site for only 12 of the 24 hours, but needless to say when we showed up… we were the hero’s to many!

One thing about the USMT.. We know what you need at an event and we come prepared.. We are also like “transformers” and will adapt to the environment we need to work in and get the job done.

It always gives us a chuckle when people ask us: “Where did you guys come from”? Why do they ask this?… Because we are not like the average massage therapist you normally encounter. We are the EXTREME SPORTS MASSAGE TEAM .. We set the bar & continue to trail blaze this profession that is dedicated to our athletes.

We also work out, train & compete like the athletes we work with.. We relate to them on the same level… we speak the same language when it comes to sports & injuries.

August is normally a quiet month for the TEAM and we do take advantage of that.

September on the other hand is not so quiet… we participated in a multitude of smaller events but just as demanding.

October is very busy as well and ends with our “Super Bowl Event” of the year… The MARINE CORPS MARATHON, where we are partnered with the Semper Fi Fund! This event is located in Washington DC.

This years MCM was a complete challenge due to the weather. New England dealt with snow.. We dealt with mud & lots of it!!

Our “game plan” went out the window the moment that one of our Semper Fi athletes came in on his hand cycle… the stabilizing of these athletes was intense. I believe that without the training we have and the attention to detail along with the sense of immediate urgency the morning of the race.. . We could have had a lot of para-athletes heading to the medical tent for additional services.

This is what sets this TEAM apart… we take the extra step to train and apply the practical application of certain protocols in case of emergencies… which do occur. We are great problem solvers!

This years Marine Corps Marathon was a huge success and we look forward to returning next year!

November found us at the RI State Cross Country Championships. This year was especially exciting for us as the Barrington HS girls team won the championships and they are regular visitors to the office.

November 17-20th Rainee & I were back in Washington DC to provide massage at a Traumatic Brain Injury conference. The SemperMax Foundation invited us to work with the Wounded Warriors & their care givers. What an incredible weekend.

The USMT has the final event scheduled for the 29th of December at a track & field event located in Providence RI. This will be a full day event and we will have the opportunity to provide sports massage to high school athletes competing in the day long event. This is the 3rd year we have participated… it is a great experience working with these kids & their coaches. The parents are fabulous as well.

Small sports events pop up here & there and we will participate when we can… the sports calendar fills up fast and trying to balance that with the office is sometimes a huge challenge.

As I look back on the 2011 sports massage event schedule.. I am extremely happy with what we accomplished.

It’s been a great year of changes & accomplishments… I can not wait to see what 2012 has in store…

Big things… HUGE… just wait.. You’ll see…..

Always with the Glitter!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Client Stories.... Things they report to us here at USMT

Hello Everyone... it has been a little while since my last post.  It has been extremely busy here at the office.  I like it that way!  I enjoyed a very exciting & relaxing summer.  Now me & my fellow sports massage team mates are heading into the final stages of the sports massage event schedule.  That means we end with a BANG!!
Our "super bowl" event of the year;
We will be partnered with our special charity again this year.  The Semper Fi Fund along with Team Semper Fi... Good times are on the way!

Now, don't get me wrong... we are ALWAYS having good times in the USMT office... no doubt about that... I can guarantee that our clients & athletes are in total agreement there.

So that brings me to what our clients tell us.  It's humbling to receive messages like the one I am about to relay to you.  It also validates the work that I and my TEAM mates put out there.

So this message was sent on Tuesday.  It has kept a smile on my face all week.  It pays dividends to have that "bone crunching intensity"... the EXPERTISE in the sports massage field and last but not least... LOVE what you do!!   And I DO!!!

"Lori-Ann, I thought about you while doing my WOD ( work out of the day) this morning.  I was hurting bad!  I had to share this with you."

Emergency ENTRY/EXIT Visa for IRAQ:  $500.00
Round Trip Ticket Boston - Basra IRAQ:  $2270.00
Personal Security Detail in BASRA:  VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!!
Sports Massage by Lori-Ann in Basra:  PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

You will be one of the first places I go on my return!


I wish my TEAM mates & I could take a trip over to provide that much needed sports massage service they so deserve.  As most of you know we totally support our Military!

I hope you enjoyed that little message... that's one of many I receive on a regular basis.  It is because of you... I stay on the cutting edge to bring you that high intensity you have come to expect in the service I provide you.
                                                   It's Time to Play.
                                                      GAME ON!


Monday, August 29, 2011

New Office Phone Number


Has a new office phone #


We are also operational to accept credit cards in the office as well!

visa  ~~  master card ~~  discover


This is an anterior view of the leg to include the femur, patella & tibia.

I have included one of my famous drawings as an illustration to understand where the actual injury site is. 

The tibial tuberosity is the location where the actual pain, discomfort and in some severe cases the dislocation of bone or calcification of bony spurs develop.

As the beginning of the new school year approaches and the athletic seasons begin I felt it was important to talk about athletic topics that address the needs of our adolescent athletes.  One such topic is Osgood Schlatter Disease.

I think it's important to educate the athletes themselves, their parents and extremely important for the coaches that interact with them.  The days of "it's just growing pains" is over.  I remember when my mom would say that.. I laugh now.. but it's not funny... the pain is really there and we need to listen to them when they come to us. 

Osgood - Schlatter Disease ( Tibial Tuberosity Apophysitis)


Osgood -Schlatter disease (OSD) is a condition involving the irritation and inflammation at the site of the quadriceps tendon inserting on the tibial tuberosity in adolescent immature bone.

This condition occurs when the quadriceps muscle group are vigorously used in combination with rapid growth of the leg bones.


OSD is a condition that is practically EXCLUSIVE to adolescent youngsters who participate in athletic activities.

It is very common among young athletes who participate in sports such as:

basket ball
figure skating
volley ball

To include running, jumping or making fast, tight turns.

This condition occurs both with girls & boys, however it is more common with boys. ( research indicates this ratio to be 3-1)

Onset can occur anywhere from the age of 11-18 years of age.

Cases range from mild to severe. In mild cases the tibial tuberosity is inflamed. In severe cases there is a complete separation of the tibial tuberosity from the tibia.

To put this in perspective: the tibial tuberosity is a “bump on a bone” - a location for tendon attachment. In this situation it would be the quadriceps tendon to the tibial tuberosity. The tension in the muscle is so significant it creates inflammation at the musculotendinous junction to the tibial tuberosity causing the separation of this structure.

There are two (2) causes of Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD)

1. INDIRECT TRAUMA - pulling force produced by powerful contractions of the quadriceps muscle group.

2. OVER USE REPETITIVE STRAIN - a result of repeated stress such as: knee flexion & extension

As young athletes go through puberty and are significantly involved in athletic activities, they are more likely to develop this condition.  The bone growth is faster than muscle growth, creating the pain cycle ~~ and because the juvenile skeletal structure is not yet ossified (hardened) ~~ this is where the most significant bone spurs, calcification's & bone separation happens .. right at the the tibial tuberosity of the tibia.  There is such stress and tension placed at this location.

The common theme of "growing pains" is occurring , but lets be proactive for our athlete.

FIRST: listen to them!
SECOND: ask questions, ~~ questions like "where is the pain", "what is the intensity of the pain" ... have them describe what they are feeling.
THIRD:  get the issue checked out.. get a medical professionals diagnosis, that way we have a better understanding for treatment.
Fourth: set a plan in motion for rehab & recovery.. the common protocol is PT... but lets look outside the "box" and include SPORTS MASSAGE.

We can aid in the overall recovery and be part of the sports medical model to help get the athlete back on the playing field!!

Traditional PT is going to incorporate EXERCISE & some soft tissue mobilization.  On a larger scale, SPORTS MASSAGE will provide the following:

* ice massage
* soft tissue mobilization
* stretching
* decrease fascial restrictions
* decrease scar tissue build up
* increase range of motion (ROM)
* increase flexibility

we are not restricted in our approach as traditional PT

HOWEVER,  BOTH PT & SPORTS MASSAGE work best together for the benefit of the athlete!!

Things to also mention:
Rest the quad's, minimize or completely take time off from excessive activities that involve the flexion & extension of the knee.
Ice the quadriceps muscle group... not just at the knee.. all portions of the muscle.
Get a clear diagnosis of whats going on.

Please let me know if you have any questions... I'd be glad to answer them.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ice Bath Recipe



Start with a clean tub, run water (luke warm-tepid) until water reaches the mid thigh area. Your body becomes acclimated to this, it’s not a complete shock. Once the water is at this level ~~ turn water to ONLY COLD. Continue to fill tub with cold water until quads / thighs are completely covered. Turn water off & add the 1-3 bags of ice. Sit in the ice bath for 10-15 Minutes in duration… NO MORE…. 15 Minutes TOPS!!

The large towel is to dry off after the ice bath. Here at the office we provide everything you need to receive the full benefits of an ice bath (also referred to as a cold plunge).

Ice baths are great for post recovery of an athletic workout, muscle strains and post competitions such as Triathlons, MARATHONS, ½ Marathons, Bicycle events and so on. It’s also a great idea to incorporate into the overall training & recovery plan.

Please contact us here at USMT if you have any questions regarding the ice bath & it's importance to you as an athlete.

We can schedule an ice bath here at the office any time you may need or desire one!

Lori-Ann, Rainee, Kristen & Dwayne

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cold - VS - Heat

The Ice Machine, which makes tons of ice.. all day long!   Along with one of our open sports massage clinical area's.  We also have one of our athletes in an ice tub or cold plunge tub... really it's what ever you want to call it.  We used large frozen cups of ice before we acquired the ice machine.
The Gunny, after a sports massage session ~ getting ready for the MARINE CORPS MARATHON!

When to use or not to use one or the other.
As a sports massage therapist here at USMT I must hear " when should I ICE and when should I use HEAT"?  At least a few times a week.  It's pretty common to hear that actually.

So here is the low down on ICE vs HEAT.
Most athletes know to ice an acute injury, and we preach RICE to all of our clients as standard treatment for an acute injury

But, it gets a little tricky when it comes to describing when and if to apply.  It really depends on the type of injury.  There are two (2) types of injuries.


                                  Acute pain is rapid onset and short lived

Chronic pain develops slowly and is persistent and long lasting

Rainee ~ She is a USMT member and Crossfitter
Ann Marie & Caitlyn, they are our fabulous runners!
See we have a  whole host of athletes that love the ice bath... they either request it or when it is suggested for part of the over all sports massage recovery process..everyone is one board!
Gino is one of our Crossfit Coaches

Acute injuries are sudden, sharp and traumatic injuries that occur immediately or within hours and cause pain (possibly severe pain).  Most often acute injuries or impacts such as a sprain, fall or collision.. and it's pretty obvious what causes the injury.  Acute injuries almost always have common signs and symptoms such as pain, tenderness, redness, skin that is warm to the touch along with swelling & inflammation.  Chances are if you have swelling, you have an acute injury.

Chronic injuries can be subtle and slow developing overtime.  They can come & go, may cause dull aching pain or soreness and, sometimes are often the result of over use or repetitiveness.  Along with possible acute injuries that have been untreated or not properly treated and have healed over the injury or hasn't healed at all.

Cold therapy  with ice is best for immediate treatment for acute injuries and I mentioned previously R.I.C.E.
It reduces pain & inflammation.  Ice is a vaso-constrictor ( cause blood vessels to narrow) and limits internal bleeding at the injury site.  Cold therapy is also helpful in treating some overuse injuries or chronic pain in athletes.  Example: if you have chronic pain in an area it may increase post activity, so icing the area post activity will be beneficial in reducing and or preventing inflammation to that area.

At USMT we use offer these types of cold therapy:
* Ice massage for muscle specific injuries
* Ice packs
* Ice Towels
* Cold Plunge / Cold Tub
* Biofreeze / Sombra cold therapy

Icing an injury site should be done for 10-15 minutes at a time, always allow the skin to return to it's normal temperature before icing a second or third time.  You can ice an injury several times a day for up to 3 days before switching up the protocol.

Heat therapy is generally used for chronic injuries or injuries with out inflammation or swelling, stiff, sore, dull nagging muscle.  Joint pain is perfect for heat therapy.  Athletes with chronic pain or injuries may use heat therapy pre exercise or event to increase the blood flow, elasticity of the connective tissue of the joints.  Heat can also help relax tight muscles or muscle spasms.  Heat is NOT recommended post work out or event / competition.  Ice is better suited for this time frame.
Heat is a vaso-dilator, it increases skin temperature and circulation which is not good for acute injuries.  You can safely apply heat to an area 15-20 minutes at a time and use enough layers between your skin and the heating source as not to burn the skin.

MOIST HEAT IS THE BEST!!!  This is the protocol we use at USMT.  We use hot, wet towels wrapped in larger dry towels.  You can do the same at home or you can purchase special hot packs or moist heating pads if you use heat often.  Never leave on for more than 20 minutes or while sleeping... there is a potential for burning and if your not careful with this approach.. you can possibly burn your self severely.

Some injuries can be serious and out of our "scope of practice".  So be sure to see a doctor if your injury does not improve or it gets worse with in 48 hours.

YOUR safety is OUR # 1 priority.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions on this subject

 Kristen & Lori-Ann

Monday, July 11, 2011

IRONMAN WEEKEND Amica 70.3 Providence RI

 Ironman weekend was a complete success ~ a validation of the sports massage work we provide to all athletes whether they are PRO's or not.  An athlete is an athlete, no matter what the level or training is.  We all train, we all sustain muscle tissue and connective tissue damage & injuries.  The application of sports massage at an event like this is crucial.
I enjoy providing sports massage to athletes ~~ it's so rewarding to have athletes that have no idea who you are put their complete trust in you to help resolve an issue prior to the event and help improve their performance.  Because as we all know... and I have heard it so many times... "the last massage therapist who worked with me at an event hurt me and it affected my performance"   I'm not that massage therapist... I'm listening, paying attention to what you (the athlete) has to say AND NOT OVER WORKING YOU.

It's also nice to hear athletes say.. thanks for coming out and being here for us... or WOW.. this is the most efficient massage tent I have ever been in.  

The massage team had alot of fun and worked hard to provide that special brand of sports massage that so many of our local athletes have come to expect and we pride ourselves on... this weekend we brought it to the masses.  Over- all we provided over 500 sports massage sessions..  YES, our arms feel like they want to fall off!. 

Bottom line.. the athletes performed in the morning & we performed in the afternoon!

The glitter was with me all weekend & it was ROCKIN!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

My first "OFFICIAL" Sprint Triathlon




As you can see I completed my Sprint Tri..
 sprained foot & all... I'm very HAPPY!!

Well... I can say that all of my hard work & commitment to training has paid off.  I can't even put into words how I feel right now... I'm completely amazed at how I feel mentally, physically & emotional .   Physically I feel beat up due to my foot injury.

This was my very first official Sprint Triathlon and I used this event as part of the overall training for the ENDURANCE Sprint Triathlon in TN  August 6th.

We had a beautiful day for the event as well... I'm sure that when everything comes together.. it makes for a much better event all the way around. 

My sister Lynn & I started the event together in the same wave... so here we are on the beach, laughing together and trying to get a "game plan"... seriously how do you do that?  One thing that stuck in my mind from all of my family, friends & clients was.. HAVE FUN!   So that was the plan.. have fun and go out and do the best that I could do.  My sister Lynn was in the wet suit, I chose not to wear one.  The wet suit felt like it restricted my arms.  We were both nervous... but I was confident on how I felt due to all of the hours I spent in the pool for training.. however there is a big difference.  In the pool there isn't this huge rush of athletes splashing, kicking and creating waves of water that your apt to swallow.  So my sister says to me.. when you get in.. don't look back for me.. just go and swim!  So thats exactly what I did... I swam  & I swam for all I was worth!! 

After the swim... I felt like I had a pretty decent transition time to the bike and off I went.  Now this was funny, not once did I have to say "to your left".. but I did alright and was holding my own & up until about half way through the bike I didn't see or hear any of my "team" members... then all of a sudden I hear... "TO YOUR LEFT"... good greif, Rainee caught up to me and then was gone like the wind... she was flying!  She has "youth"~~ thats what she has!  But I'm feeling good, my breathing is under control and I'm hydrating during the bike portion... everything is going according to the "plan".  I'm feeling good & having fun. 

Transition from bike to run seemed smooth and still no sight of my sister Lynn... I'm hoping she's ok but I have to be honost here.. I'm excited about being in front of her!   I'm feeling great and having a blast!!  Everything is happening so fast it's like I'm on auto pilot... everyone is cheering as I pass through the gate into the run .. what a feeling.. AMAZING!

I run up the stone steps leading to the trail through the woods and BAM!.. I roll my foot on a tree root!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.. I can't believe this just happened.. hurt my foot, banged up my knees and bruised my hands. I was bearly into the run and I'm busted up... UUUGGGG!!  However.. I got up, adjusted my foot and kept going... I never thought about quitting... even now when I think about it.. That option never entered into my head.. so I kept going.  I was about a 1/2 mile into the run & I hear.." Lori-Ann ~~ is that you"!!  I couldn't help but laugh.. even though I was in pain.. my sister caught up to me! 

I told her I hurt my foot, so she's feeling pretty bad about that and wants to run with me... I tell her.. get ahold of yourself.. get out of!.. she says NO... then I say to her.. what did you say to me on the beach??   GET GOING SISTA!!  POOF.. she was gone as I'm yelling "tell them I need ice at the end"
I still can't stop laughing about that.  but it is about compitition correct & I don't want to hold anyone back.
However I do think that if I hadn't fallen, I could have seriously beaten her in this competition & it would have been the first time ever.  That would have been sweet.

So I finished my Sprint Tri with an offical time of 1:57.3!

At the end of the day when it was all said & done, I can honostly say I left it all out on the course and I had a BLAST!!!

Training continues and I'm preparing for another fabulous experience in TN.

Always!  Lori-Ann

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Run, Bike, Swim! Tuesday Training Days!

The new & improved me!!

Tuesday training days seem to be paying off.  I have successfully completed 3 of them and have experienced improvements along the way.  I am really excited about this whole process.

Since signing up for the Iron Nugget Sprint Tri in TN I have taken my training very seriously.  I started back in February and did more swimming & running BUT now that I have my bike.. I'm doing more biking than anything else.  I find myself thinking during the day ~~  when can I get some extra time in to bike.  I have cleaned up my diet alittle, but not enough for Judah.  Small, slow & steady changes work best for me.. that "cold turkey" thing doesn't work well for me.

So here is a breakdown of what I have been doing and how it has helped me achieve my goals.  I have developed an overall training protocol that I know will not be too much but at the same time will challenge me and will allow for continual improvements.

I swim at least 3-4 times a week.  Most nights I get in anywhere from 12-18 laps in the pool.  I just want to get in and loosen up the shoulder girdle.

I don't run as much, but try to get in at least two (2) 5K distances.

I bike at least 3-5 times a week.  When I get home from work early enough the distance is usually about 4.5 /5 miles.  However... Saturday & Sundays are a different story, I'm averaging about 20-25 miles on those rides.

This brings me to my Tuesday Training Days: I get to the pool early and swim for about an hour.  I practice free style strokes, breathing techniques and just plan "tread water".  Coach Stone is a stickler for this.. he will yell at me if I'm not getting it done.  He makes me laugh.. he's like the "Mayor" of the pool... so if he yells.. all eyes are on you!!  That's motivation enough to tread water correctly and not hang on to the ropes.

Oh yeah.. I figured out the foggy goggles!!

After my swim, I transition to my bike... I ride for about 3.5 miles then come back to McDermott Pool and transition once again to the run.  I run for 2 miles.

I'm pretty tired at this point, but feel really good.  This past Tuesday I noticed that my gait & time were much improved and the slight muscle strain in the hip was virtually none existent. 

I then hydrated myself again and went & got lunch.  That was the first phase of my training day.  Second Phase is a longer ride on the bike.  I took another route and decided on the East Bay bike path.. this path offered up some new challenges for me.  When it was all said & done I had completed 22 miles on the bike path.

I felt incredible at the end of the day and slept well.  I drank alot of water as well.  Hydration and good nutrition help so much with training.

I have also successfully completed the following events that are part of the overall training plan:
10 K road race in Warwick, finished with a time of 1:35
Gaspee Days 5K with a finish time of .. get this.. best ever!  38:44   I am really excited about this!!  PR

I will be participating in the "Oh My Goddard" Sprint Tri on June 26th.. testing out my training and more significantly... actually doing the event.  I can't go to TN for the big event I have been training for and not have the official experience under my belt.

I will also participate in one more road race before the TN event.. that will be a 5.5 miler on July 4th.

Yesterday was a tough start to the day.. I'm sure everyone has them.. It was rainy out so that doesn't make for a productive or exciting day to train.. HOWEVER.. a great friend of mine.. Mark Harrington would always say "if it ain't raining.. we ain't training"!!.... that got me motivated to get it done!  I'm glad I did!

Well, I'm out.. I have a busy day in the office today.. that's what I get for taking my Tuesdays off... but well worth it!

I will continue to Swim.. Bike .. & Run!     I also have a sports massage scheduled as well... the cold plunge will be next.  I'm Sure..:o(



Friday, June 3, 2011

Photos from the Wounded Warrior Games 2011


U had to watch out for this crew!

Gallery of photos from the Wounded Warrior Games.  Obviously there are many more photos we would like to show.  It was an incredible experience and an honor to have been given the opportunity to work with these outstanding & inspiring athletes.  The memories we have from these games will last a life time and we had the pleasure of gaining new friends!

We look forward to next years GAMES!!