Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, March 28, 2011

Continual Training

Christen & Lori-Ann

Training... Training & More Training!!

So I am heading into my 3rd official week of training. Things are moving along.. I'm getting my swims in along with the running. I took the bike out last week, got the "cob webs" out.. so to speak. I am confident of my ability at swimming, biking & running.. I can "hold my own" so to speak. I have never put them all together. This is the tough part~ and to do it in a way that is correct training. I don't want to set myself up for failure. I am aware that once I start putting them together I need to do it in the order they occur for the actual event.

My plan is to start introducing myself to mini combinations & distances of the swim, bike & run.

This weekend I was able to swim on Friday night... after work I was able to get in about 30 minutes of laps, then 10 minutes in the hot pool. The City of Warwick has this great hidden jewel.. McDermott Pool!!

Saturday I rode my bike.. ( I borrowed my daughter Alex's dinasour... Im not going to lie.. it's a Wal-Mart special, but it's a bike for now) and got 4 miles in and then simulated the "racking"/ transition to run. Ok~ this was NOT FUN and quite a challenge but ran (if thats what you want to call it) a quarter of a mile. Everything I ever heard about that transition is TRUE.

Sunday I went for another run with my sister Lynn & daughter Rainee... what a calamity. Fun times, but I am getting it done.

I plan on swimming at the pool at least 4 times this week. Getting my laps in and practicing the "crawl". Thats my focus. I will try and get a run in along with a bike ride, I have to increase my distances.

The tough part here is trying to get the quality time in for training and juggling work & home. I WILL figure it out.

I will be away this coming weekend so I'm not sure about any training, but I'll try.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lori-Ann's Training

So, this will be the first of many more entries into my training. I know there are going to be good & bad days... but it's worth it in the end. I am offically registered to participate in the Iron Nugget Sprint Triathalon in August .. swim .25, bike 19 miles, run 4 miles!!!

Today I went to the pool and swam for over 40 minutes.. not sure how that translates to some people.. but my cardio was up and when I got out.. felt like a wet noodle... then drove over to City Park and ran the trail.. 3 miles. I felt good ~~ I also knew that I needed to make it count because I was going to be getting a great sports massage session later in the day (Thanks Dwayne) along with a cold plunge. Dwayne tricked me.. so I have to be honost... I chickend out.. only went in up to my knees... I'm still scared about that plunge! .. not gonna lie.

Next week I will start incorperating all phases of the Tri... what is it called... BRICKS? I know the transition from bike to run will be the hardest.. I'm up for the challenge!

Thats it... I'm heading out for the night. I'll update next week on the training... regarding the office, I think my new massage room will be constructed and complete next week as well!!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

New USMT Office Space!

Dwayne, Kristen & I have sucessfully transitioned into our new space located here at Crossfit Providence. We will be in a continuous developmental process for the remainder of the year. Please bare with us during this time of continual change. The improvements are geared toward providing the superior service that you are acustomed to. As you can see in the photos our space is larger.. which we love.. and the space is definately taking on it's own "personality".

We Love it and when you visit, you will too ~~ we are working very hard to create the "athletic" atmosphere... there are NO waterfalls here people!!

Always & the "glitter" is still with us!!!