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Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jamestown Bridge 10K...

Well.. this run was the first of my "long runs" during the course of my training for the Iron Nugget Sprint Tri this summer. This picture of the Jamestown Bridge dipicts it on a nice sunny day. The weather conditions were not the greatest on April 23rd.. Let me describe it for you... RAINY, WINDY & COLD! ~~ and as you can see the bridge has a steep incline, if thats what you want to call it. ( I call it a hill, anything I have to run up.. is a hill) So needless to say on race day.. the lightweights stayed home and the dedicated and motivated runner's came out & we got it done! I have to say.. it was a fun experience and everyone was fabulous.

I started off quicker than I normally would.. but I wanted to stay with my sister Lynn ( AKA the Gazzel.. because she's FAST) for as long as I could. We ran together until we reached the crest of the first incline (hill) on the bridge. After that I told her to "get out of here"! At this point I'm only holding her back.

I felt pretty strong, legs were holding up and breathing was getting back to normal. I was just happy that I was still moving. The wind at the top of the Bridge was pretty strong and creating a strong resistance for me.

My only concern on this run was to continue running.. I didn't want to walk and also get past the time limitation.. I just needed & wanted to get past that point. I would have been devistated if I couldn't finish the race.

I would say that around mile 4.5 my left knee & hip (glut medius& IT Band) started acting up. I was already past the half way point so I slowed my pace down.. didn't help, pain get worse. Only when I got off the bridge and started running up the last incline did I start walking with a long stretched out gait. I was dissapointed in myself for walking, however I was not going to put myself in a more serious situation by continueing to run. My sister & The Gunny were waiting for me at the end, cheering me on ~~ you know it's always good to have family & friends or running partners waiting for you at the end. My official time was 1:29;33. I will take that in a heart beat!!

This was my 2nd officail 10K race and I came home with a PR by 10 minutes!! I was so excited about that. Weather condiditions for both races were at either end of the spectrum hot & muggy to cold & rainy with hills!!

Thats fabulous training for ya!!

So immidately after the race I soked in an ipsom salt bath.. felt so good on my sore legs. I was sore for about 3 days, not goning to lie.. very cranky.. I haven't felt like that in a long time. BUT it also gave me a slight inclanation into how I have to increase my training and what I have to work on.

I went on a 3.5 mile run last night, still alittle sore and sluggish to begin with, but over all happy with the accomplishment.

The only downside to my training right now is battling the allergies ... that is seriously impeeding me.

Hopefully next week will be better. I have also lost 4lbs as well. I'm feeling really good about this whole process. It also makes me feel good when my clients ask about my training as well.

Well, I'm out for now.. I'll be posting more soon!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Re-Cap USMT Fundraiser

Im proud to say that the USMT Fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Games was a huge success! Member of the USMT came out to fully support the 3 members traveling to Colorado Springs next month for the 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Games in Colorado Springs.

Thank you to everyone who really put the effort into making it the success it was. Special thanks go out to the following individuals and business.

Enrico Caruso Society, Linclon RI
Crossfit Providence Members
Shriners Association
USMT Team members
Forever Collectibles
Sin (for the beautiful cake)
Kristen ( for cooking all that pasta!)

We will be getting together on Thursday night ( 4/28/2011) here at Crossfit Providence for a 50/50 poker night. If you need more information on the poker night.. let us know.

This will be the last fundraising event slated to help raise funds needed for the the trip.

Thank you again!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fundraiser for the USMT Warrior Games


Lori-Ann, Dwayne & Kristen will be traveling to Colorado Springs,CO next month to participate at the 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Games!! This is extremely exciting as these 3 members of the USMT will take on the responsibility of providing sports massage to the 200 + wounded military athletes competing in the week long sporting event. Paramilitary athletes from all 5 branches will be competing against each other. There will be 7 various sporting events they will participate in.

Myself, Dwayne & Kristen will report to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training facility and work along side the OTC medical staff. The OTC will provide us space to work in at the sports med facility along with supplies.

We are responsible for the rest of the trip: airfare, lodging & transportation along with meals. This is an amazing opportunity and we are committed to working with this athletic population.

The military is near & dear to the Ultimate Sports Massage Team and it is because of our close connection that we are determined to be there and support these men & woman who are now undergoing life altering changes. As a MARINE MOM... I get it. As a MARINE wife... I live it. This is my family!

ON APRIL 23RD 2011 THE USMT IS HOLDING A FUNDRAISER to help defray the cost of our trip. Please come out & show your support. If you can't make it and would like to contribute, donations can be mailed to the USMT Office. USMT, 425 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903

Event location is: ENRICO CARUSO SOCIETY, 105 BOUVIER AVE., MANVILLE, RI 02838-1127
TIME: 6-10 PM
COST: $10.00 adults / $5.00 children

Pasta dinner / music / raffles & more... it plans to be a fun filled night!

Thank You!

Semper Fi!!
Lori-Ann, Dwayne & Kristen

Friday, April 15, 2011

More SPRINT TRI Training..

Well.. I'm back to my training, I had been battling a very bad cough & cold for the past week or so. I still feel a little sluggish, but determined to get back on track. I received my new swimming goggles in the mail this week so I have had to adjust to them. I know it may sound silly to adjust to something so simple, but as we all know.. when you are use to doing something one way for so long retraining yourself and doing it correctly is an adjustment. Then I looked up some swimming videos to give me some tips .. along with asking Gino ( He is a coach here at CROSSFIT PROVIDENCE)as well.. He gives me great advise! Coach Stone will be helping out soon too... looking forward to changing my training days & structure. The intensity of training is going WAY UP!!!

The next phase of the training is getting more running in and purchasing a new bike. My sister Lynn is going to help me find the perfect ride. Once all of these things are in place I will start incorporating all 3 pieces of the event together.

Next weekend will be my first big run of the season. I'll be running in the Jamestown Bridge 10K... I'll be running it with my running buddy Lynn ( AKA as my sister who has the set of wheels on her!) I will be able to finish the whole run as long as I can run with a 14 minute mile or better the whole race... UUUUGGGG, I'm not going to lie.. I'm scared, there are 2 major hills on this bridge and you have to go over it and come back & finish coming up a hill.

I'm going to have that steel mental motivation that I CAN DO THIS!!!

So thats whats happening with my training, next week will be 2- 3K distance runs and 3-4 nights of swimming.

If anyone has any tips to help me out... please let me know!

As you can see, Kristen & I are posing in front of the "waterfall" at the Lake Placid OTC... we went up for a taping course to help us provide this service at the events we participate in. We are athletes who specialize in Sports Massage to better serve our athletes.

Thanks & have a great weekend!!