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Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, April 15, 2011

More SPRINT TRI Training..

Well.. I'm back to my training, I had been battling a very bad cough & cold for the past week or so. I still feel a little sluggish, but determined to get back on track. I received my new swimming goggles in the mail this week so I have had to adjust to them. I know it may sound silly to adjust to something so simple, but as we all know.. when you are use to doing something one way for so long retraining yourself and doing it correctly is an adjustment. Then I looked up some swimming videos to give me some tips .. along with asking Gino ( He is a coach here at CROSSFIT PROVIDENCE)as well.. He gives me great advise! Coach Stone will be helping out soon too... looking forward to changing my training days & structure. The intensity of training is going WAY UP!!!

The next phase of the training is getting more running in and purchasing a new bike. My sister Lynn is going to help me find the perfect ride. Once all of these things are in place I will start incorporating all 3 pieces of the event together.

Next weekend will be my first big run of the season. I'll be running in the Jamestown Bridge 10K... I'll be running it with my running buddy Lynn ( AKA as my sister who has the set of wheels on her!) I will be able to finish the whole run as long as I can run with a 14 minute mile or better the whole race... UUUUGGGG, I'm not going to lie.. I'm scared, there are 2 major hills on this bridge and you have to go over it and come back & finish coming up a hill.

I'm going to have that steel mental motivation that I CAN DO THIS!!!

So thats whats happening with my training, next week will be 2- 3K distance runs and 3-4 nights of swimming.

If anyone has any tips to help me out... please let me know!

As you can see, Kristen & I are posing in front of the "waterfall" at the Lake Placid OTC... we went up for a taping course to help us provide this service at the events we participate in. We are athletes who specialize in Sports Massage to better serve our athletes.

Thanks & have a great weekend!!


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