Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Training.

So this was me after my very first Sprint Tri relay last year.  I'm here with my teammates Kristen & Trish.

So this year I have decided to tackle my own Sprint Tri and I have officially started the new & intense training today.  However I participated in one of the three running events I have signed up for to use as part of the overall training this past weekend.  It was here in Warwick, so I knew the area.  That definitely has an advantage to it.  It was a small event, but well organized.  Not many runners signed up.. I think over all there where about 125 runners.
As usual I pulled up the rear... but finished and had a decent time of 1:35.

I pulled a glut muscle while running and I know that held me up.  I'd rather that happen now then when I'm in the actual event come August.  The muscle pull ended up creating a hamstring & quad issue as well.. so I played it safe and took it down a notch and walked a bit.. I don't like to walk in a race.. once I do that.. it's all over for me.

After the race I went and stretched really good and iced my sore muscles.  THEN.. I went and picked up my new BIKE!!  I was "chompin at the bit" to get on it and go for a ride.  I waited till Sunday and got in about 6 miles and Monday I got in about 12 miles.  I really enjoyed being on that bike.

Legs felt really good & strong.. Glut muscle was still acting up, but kept stretching it out.

Today I went to the pool, swam 16 laps (for time), got out ~~ transitioned to the bike, rode 3.2 miles and transitioned again to the run for a total of 1.2 miles.  the overall distance is minimal, but I want to start off slow & steady. I want to get the feel for the transitions first then add distance on to each one of the disciplines.

I feel really good about today's training and what I was able to accomplish over this weekend. 

I topped the whole thing off with a fabulous 1/12 sports massage session with Kristen!!!

I'm out for now.. I'll touch base in about a week!!

Always!  ~~ Lori-Ann 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sports Event.. Part of the Overall Training

Well, I am back from the Wounded Warrior Games with my team mates Kristen & Dwayne. It would be an understatement to say anything other than SIMPLY AMAZING & I even think that's not doing the week long competitive event justice.

I will be posting a complete rundown of the Games along with photos next week.. so stay tuned for that.
Today I'm going to talk about the training & how it's going to improve and what I'll be doing leading up to my event: The Iron Nugget Sprint Triathlon, TN August 6th.

I have 3 running events scheduled as part of my training. The first one is this weekend & it is a 10 K. I'm not looking for a PR, but if I can increase my time then that's a bonus. I just want to run clean, continue to move forward and NO WALKING. Physiologically I'm done once I start walking. I have a 5 K schedule in June ( The Gaspee Day 5K) and a 5.5 miler in July. These runs are part of the training but I will continue to run 2-3 X's a week as well.

This coming Tuesday starts my TUESDAYS OUT OF THE OFFICE training. I will be doing a piece of each discipline on Tuesdays until I leave for the event in August. The weekends will give me a chance to switch up run-swim or bike- swim or bike- run.. I enjoy all three disciplines.

Tuesday trainings will consist of 12-15 laps in the pool then bike 4-6 miles and run 2-4. I will be able to transition into each one of them from the pool. I will also be able to tell from the first official time out if the distances are too much ~~ then adjust as I go. I know however that come mid July I have to have significant mileage & distance under my belt to be able to go out on event day and compete well.

I am competing against myself, but want to do well. I am getting my bike tomorrow and I'm super stoked about it.

Well, that's it for now... I have my "game plan" set and will take it one day at a time!

Always & I'll be Rockin the Glitter!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Training & More Training..

Man what a week it's been so far.. I have been able to get some good runs in. I am struggling with a hip, leg , knee compensation pattern which is really causing some frustration. The good thing about the whole thing is I can feel all muscular fibers involved, when they get aggravated and what to do to resolve it... if only for the moment.

I have been paying alot of attention to when I start to feel muscular tension, where I am in my run or how many miles under my belt at that point. I find that I need to change my gait or foot placement or even slow down to help resolve the discomfort I'm feeling.

I haven't done any swimming this week, allergies still acting up, but wanted to really get the "lead" out of my legs.. I realized I needed more running after the Jamestown Bridge episode... I laugh about that run when ever I think about it.

So lasts nights run was a struggle.. I had to force myself to get out there and do it.. I'm sure we all have had training days like that, you've worked all day & are tired when you get home. PERIOD! However, I am really serious about my Sprint Tri in August and I'm staying focused.

So I changed my sneakers and got my music and off I went. Started off slow and then realized about 2 miles in that I was picking up speed but felt really good. I could really feel my gluts, hammies & quads firing up.. man it felt great!! I ended the run feeling really good with no pain or discomfort at all. My feet even felt good. What a feeling of accomplishment.

So I'm going to get at least 1 swim in this weekend and another run. I'll probably run on Mother's day with my sister Lynn... maybe increase the distance overall.

Next week will be a busy week, I'll be preparing for my trip to Colorado Springs for the Wounded Warrior Games. I don't know how many runs I'll be able to fit in, I'm hoping at least 2. I will not miss the opportunity to run on the track at the Colorado Springs OTC.. Thats will be so motivating!! OOORRRAAAHHH!!!

When I return from CO, I have a solid training schedule that I will be adhering to. I'm looking forward to taking my training to the next level!

Have a great weekend & If anyone has any tips they can pass along.. Please do!

Always & the Glitter is with me!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Cox Marathon 2011 RECAP

The Cox Marathon was the beginning of the USMT sports event season. Members of the USMT provided pre-event sports massage along with taping & stretching at the 2 day Expo Event. It was really nice to see returning runners for the event along with meeting new participants this year. Its always a fabulous experience when you have fun, meet new people and have a huge impact on the athletic population you set out to help.

I want to say THANK YOU to the following members of the USMT who came out for Expo Days: Thank you Dwayne, Kristen, Lisette & Michelle.. you all did a fabulous job!

I would also like to say THANK YOU TO Dave,Catherine,Steve,Johnny,Trish & Karen for joining us on race day and working all day long providing post event sports massage with a few of us taking turns to address muscular needs in the medical tent.

I personally think the highlights of the day were when the athletes we worked with at the EXPO came by the tent for last minute taping or stretching before they started the race and then came back at the completion of the race to let us know how they did. Its really rewarding to know you make a difference.

I also want to take the opportunity to say that I really enjoy being on site and working with the RI DMAT Team.. They are all fabulous, extremely professional and add so much to the large scale sporting events in this state.. we should be extremely grateful to have them on hand!

The Cox Marathon weekend finished out as a huge success, looking forward to the next big events! ( Wounded Warrior Games, NERFU & Amica Ironman 70.3)

I'm out!