Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Training.

So this was me after my very first Sprint Tri relay last year.  I'm here with my teammates Kristen & Trish.

So this year I have decided to tackle my own Sprint Tri and I have officially started the new & intense training today.  However I participated in one of the three running events I have signed up for to use as part of the overall training this past weekend.  It was here in Warwick, so I knew the area.  That definitely has an advantage to it.  It was a small event, but well organized.  Not many runners signed up.. I think over all there where about 125 runners.
As usual I pulled up the rear... but finished and had a decent time of 1:35.

I pulled a glut muscle while running and I know that held me up.  I'd rather that happen now then when I'm in the actual event come August.  The muscle pull ended up creating a hamstring & quad issue as well.. so I played it safe and took it down a notch and walked a bit.. I don't like to walk in a race.. once I do that.. it's all over for me.

After the race I went and stretched really good and iced my sore muscles.  THEN.. I went and picked up my new BIKE!!  I was "chompin at the bit" to get on it and go for a ride.  I waited till Sunday and got in about 6 miles and Monday I got in about 12 miles.  I really enjoyed being on that bike.

Legs felt really good & strong.. Glut muscle was still acting up, but kept stretching it out.

Today I went to the pool, swam 16 laps (for time), got out ~~ transitioned to the bike, rode 3.2 miles and transitioned again to the run for a total of 1.2 miles.  the overall distance is minimal, but I want to start off slow & steady. I want to get the feel for the transitions first then add distance on to each one of the disciplines.

I feel really good about today's training and what I was able to accomplish over this weekend. 

I topped the whole thing off with a fabulous 1/12 sports massage session with Kristen!!!

I'm out for now.. I'll touch base in about a week!!

Always!  ~~ Lori-Ann 

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