Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, May 6, 2011

Training & More Training..

Man what a week it's been so far.. I have been able to get some good runs in. I am struggling with a hip, leg , knee compensation pattern which is really causing some frustration. The good thing about the whole thing is I can feel all muscular fibers involved, when they get aggravated and what to do to resolve it... if only for the moment.

I have been paying alot of attention to when I start to feel muscular tension, where I am in my run or how many miles under my belt at that point. I find that I need to change my gait or foot placement or even slow down to help resolve the discomfort I'm feeling.

I haven't done any swimming this week, allergies still acting up, but wanted to really get the "lead" out of my legs.. I realized I needed more running after the Jamestown Bridge episode... I laugh about that run when ever I think about it.

So lasts nights run was a struggle.. I had to force myself to get out there and do it.. I'm sure we all have had training days like that, you've worked all day & are tired when you get home. PERIOD! However, I am really serious about my Sprint Tri in August and I'm staying focused.

So I changed my sneakers and got my music and off I went. Started off slow and then realized about 2 miles in that I was picking up speed but felt really good. I could really feel my gluts, hammies & quads firing up.. man it felt great!! I ended the run feeling really good with no pain or discomfort at all. My feet even felt good. What a feeling of accomplishment.

So I'm going to get at least 1 swim in this weekend and another run. I'll probably run on Mother's day with my sister Lynn... maybe increase the distance overall.

Next week will be a busy week, I'll be preparing for my trip to Colorado Springs for the Wounded Warrior Games. I don't know how many runs I'll be able to fit in, I'm hoping at least 2. I will not miss the opportunity to run on the track at the Colorado Springs OTC.. Thats will be so motivating!! OOORRRAAAHHH!!!

When I return from CO, I have a solid training schedule that I will be adhering to. I'm looking forward to taking my training to the next level!

Have a great weekend & If anyone has any tips they can pass along.. Please do!

Always & the Glitter is with me!


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