Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Run, Bike, Swim! Tuesday Training Days!

The new & improved me!!

Tuesday training days seem to be paying off.  I have successfully completed 3 of them and have experienced improvements along the way.  I am really excited about this whole process.

Since signing up for the Iron Nugget Sprint Tri in TN I have taken my training very seriously.  I started back in February and did more swimming & running BUT now that I have my bike.. I'm doing more biking than anything else.  I find myself thinking during the day ~~  when can I get some extra time in to bike.  I have cleaned up my diet alittle, but not enough for Judah.  Small, slow & steady changes work best for me.. that "cold turkey" thing doesn't work well for me.

So here is a breakdown of what I have been doing and how it has helped me achieve my goals.  I have developed an overall training protocol that I know will not be too much but at the same time will challenge me and will allow for continual improvements.

I swim at least 3-4 times a week.  Most nights I get in anywhere from 12-18 laps in the pool.  I just want to get in and loosen up the shoulder girdle.

I don't run as much, but try to get in at least two (2) 5K distances.

I bike at least 3-5 times a week.  When I get home from work early enough the distance is usually about 4.5 /5 miles.  However... Saturday & Sundays are a different story, I'm averaging about 20-25 miles on those rides.

This brings me to my Tuesday Training Days: I get to the pool early and swim for about an hour.  I practice free style strokes, breathing techniques and just plan "tread water".  Coach Stone is a stickler for this.. he will yell at me if I'm not getting it done.  He makes me laugh.. he's like the "Mayor" of the pool... so if he yells.. all eyes are on you!!  That's motivation enough to tread water correctly and not hang on to the ropes.

Oh yeah.. I figured out the foggy goggles!!

After my swim, I transition to my bike... I ride for about 3.5 miles then come back to McDermott Pool and transition once again to the run.  I run for 2 miles.

I'm pretty tired at this point, but feel really good.  This past Tuesday I noticed that my gait & time were much improved and the slight muscle strain in the hip was virtually none existent. 

I then hydrated myself again and went & got lunch.  That was the first phase of my training day.  Second Phase is a longer ride on the bike.  I took another route and decided on the East Bay bike path.. this path offered up some new challenges for me.  When it was all said & done I had completed 22 miles on the bike path.

I felt incredible at the end of the day and slept well.  I drank alot of water as well.  Hydration and good nutrition help so much with training.

I have also successfully completed the following events that are part of the overall training plan:
10 K road race in Warwick, finished with a time of 1:35
Gaspee Days 5K with a finish time of .. get this.. best ever!  38:44   I am really excited about this!!  PR

I will be participating in the "Oh My Goddard" Sprint Tri on June 26th.. testing out my training and more significantly... actually doing the event.  I can't go to TN for the big event I have been training for and not have the official experience under my belt.

I will also participate in one more road race before the TN event.. that will be a 5.5 miler on July 4th.

Yesterday was a tough start to the day.. I'm sure everyone has them.. It was rainy out so that doesn't make for a productive or exciting day to train.. HOWEVER.. a great friend of mine.. Mark Harrington would always say "if it ain't raining.. we ain't training"!!.... that got me motivated to get it done!  I'm glad I did!

Well, I'm out.. I have a busy day in the office today.. that's what I get for taking my Tuesdays off... but well worth it!

I will continue to Swim.. Bike .. & Run!     I also have a sports massage scheduled as well... the cold plunge will be next.  I'm Sure..:o(



Friday, June 3, 2011

Photos from the Wounded Warrior Games 2011


U had to watch out for this crew!

Gallery of photos from the Wounded Warrior Games.  Obviously there are many more photos we would like to show.  It was an incredible experience and an honor to have been given the opportunity to work with these outstanding & inspiring athletes.  The memories we have from these games will last a life time and we had the pleasure of gaining new friends!

We look forward to next years GAMES!!