Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, July 11, 2011

IRONMAN WEEKEND Amica 70.3 Providence RI

 Ironman weekend was a complete success ~ a validation of the sports massage work we provide to all athletes whether they are PRO's or not.  An athlete is an athlete, no matter what the level or training is.  We all train, we all sustain muscle tissue and connective tissue damage & injuries.  The application of sports massage at an event like this is crucial.
I enjoy providing sports massage to athletes ~~ it's so rewarding to have athletes that have no idea who you are put their complete trust in you to help resolve an issue prior to the event and help improve their performance.  Because as we all know... and I have heard it so many times... "the last massage therapist who worked with me at an event hurt me and it affected my performance"   I'm not that massage therapist... I'm listening, paying attention to what you (the athlete) has to say AND NOT OVER WORKING YOU.

It's also nice to hear athletes say.. thanks for coming out and being here for us... or WOW.. this is the most efficient massage tent I have ever been in.  

The massage team had alot of fun and worked hard to provide that special brand of sports massage that so many of our local athletes have come to expect and we pride ourselves on... this weekend we brought it to the masses.  Over- all we provided over 500 sports massage sessions..  YES, our arms feel like they want to fall off!. 

Bottom line.. the athletes performed in the morning & we performed in the afternoon!

The glitter was with me all weekend & it was ROCKIN!!



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  2. Seriously the best massage crew at any tri race I have ever done. You and your team were amazing! Thanks for taking care of me not only before but also after the race! I had a great race, and my recovery will be that much faster! Thanks again!