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Transformer - Decepticon

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My first "OFFICIAL" Sprint Triathlon




As you can see I completed my Sprint Tri..
 sprained foot & all... I'm very HAPPY!!

Well... I can say that all of my hard work & commitment to training has paid off.  I can't even put into words how I feel right now... I'm completely amazed at how I feel mentally, physically & emotional .   Physically I feel beat up due to my foot injury.

This was my very first official Sprint Triathlon and I used this event as part of the overall training for the ENDURANCE Sprint Triathlon in TN  August 6th.

We had a beautiful day for the event as well... I'm sure that when everything comes together.. it makes for a much better event all the way around. 

My sister Lynn & I started the event together in the same wave... so here we are on the beach, laughing together and trying to get a "game plan"... seriously how do you do that?  One thing that stuck in my mind from all of my family, friends & clients was.. HAVE FUN!   So that was the plan.. have fun and go out and do the best that I could do.  My sister Lynn was in the wet suit, I chose not to wear one.  The wet suit felt like it restricted my arms.  We were both nervous... but I was confident on how I felt due to all of the hours I spent in the pool for training.. however there is a big difference.  In the pool there isn't this huge rush of athletes splashing, kicking and creating waves of water that your apt to swallow.  So my sister says to me.. when you get in.. don't look back for me.. just go and swim!  So thats exactly what I did... I swam  & I swam for all I was worth!! 

After the swim... I felt like I had a pretty decent transition time to the bike and off I went.  Now this was funny, not once did I have to say "to your left".. but I did alright and was holding my own & up until about half way through the bike I didn't see or hear any of my "team" members... then all of a sudden I hear... "TO YOUR LEFT"... good greif, Rainee caught up to me and then was gone like the wind... she was flying!  She has "youth"~~ thats what she has!  But I'm feeling good, my breathing is under control and I'm hydrating during the bike portion... everything is going according to the "plan".  I'm feeling good & having fun. 

Transition from bike to run seemed smooth and still no sight of my sister Lynn... I'm hoping she's ok but I have to be honost here.. I'm excited about being in front of her!   I'm feeling great and having a blast!!  Everything is happening so fast it's like I'm on auto pilot... everyone is cheering as I pass through the gate into the run .. what a feeling.. AMAZING!

I run up the stone steps leading to the trail through the woods and BAM!.. I roll my foot on a tree root!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.. I can't believe this just happened.. hurt my foot, banged up my knees and bruised my hands. I was bearly into the run and I'm busted up... UUUGGGG!!  However.. I got up, adjusted my foot and kept going... I never thought about quitting... even now when I think about it.. That option never entered into my head.. so I kept going.  I was about a 1/2 mile into the run & I hear.." Lori-Ann ~~ is that you"!!  I couldn't help but laugh.. even though I was in pain.. my sister caught up to me! 

I told her I hurt my foot, so she's feeling pretty bad about that and wants to run with me... I tell her.. get ahold of yourself.. get out of!.. she says NO... then I say to her.. what did you say to me on the beach??   GET GOING SISTA!!  POOF.. she was gone as I'm yelling "tell them I need ice at the end"
I still can't stop laughing about that.  but it is about compitition correct & I don't want to hold anyone back.
However I do think that if I hadn't fallen, I could have seriously beaten her in this competition & it would have been the first time ever.  That would have been sweet.

So I finished my Sprint Tri with an offical time of 1:57.3!

At the end of the day when it was all said & done, I can honostly say I left it all out on the course and I had a BLAST!!!

Training continues and I'm preparing for another fabulous experience in TN.

Always!  Lori-Ann

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