Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Client Stories.... Things they report to us here at USMT

Hello Everyone... it has been a little while since my last post.  It has been extremely busy here at the office.  I like it that way!  I enjoyed a very exciting & relaxing summer.  Now me & my fellow sports massage team mates are heading into the final stages of the sports massage event schedule.  That means we end with a BANG!!
Our "super bowl" event of the year;
We will be partnered with our special charity again this year.  The Semper Fi Fund along with Team Semper Fi... Good times are on the way!

Now, don't get me wrong... we are ALWAYS having good times in the USMT office... no doubt about that... I can guarantee that our clients & athletes are in total agreement there.

So that brings me to what our clients tell us.  It's humbling to receive messages like the one I am about to relay to you.  It also validates the work that I and my TEAM mates put out there.

So this message was sent on Tuesday.  It has kept a smile on my face all week.  It pays dividends to have that "bone crunching intensity"... the EXPERTISE in the sports massage field and last but not least... LOVE what you do!!   And I DO!!!

"Lori-Ann, I thought about you while doing my WOD ( work out of the day) this morning.  I was hurting bad!  I had to share this with you."

Emergency ENTRY/EXIT Visa for IRAQ:  $500.00
Round Trip Ticket Boston - Basra IRAQ:  $2270.00
Personal Security Detail in BASRA:  VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!!
Sports Massage by Lori-Ann in Basra:  PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

You will be one of the first places I go on my return!


I wish my TEAM mates & I could take a trip over to provide that much needed sports massage service they so deserve.  As most of you know we totally support our Military!

I hope you enjoyed that little message... that's one of many I receive on a regular basis.  It is because of you... I stay on the cutting edge to bring you that high intensity you have come to expect in the service I provide you.
                                                   It's Time to Play.
                                                      GAME ON!


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