Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 RI Winter Classic Track & Field Event

RI Classic Track & Field Event, Providence RI Dec. 28th 2011

High school athletes are exciting & challenging to work with at the same time. The USMT has been on site to provide sports massage to the many athletes that participate in the event. It’s always nice when the athletes that travel long distances to get there are happy to see us. Yesterday we had a few NY runners come to the sports massage area for pre- & post sessions … they were so happy because they said they needed the same kind of work we provided them last year. What’s even better is when they come back with the hard wear and show you. These are some pretty fabulous kids.

Our local runners are excited as well… they too know they will get that quality work that will keep them in top form.

So needless to say it can be emotionally charged too. I, along with my team mates have regular clients that are competing while we are “tuning up” their opponents for the same competition… On a day like this.. Everyone gets the same “bone crunching intense” sports massage work. We can’t play favorites. The athlete who is the “hungriest” for that win is going to come out on top.

Our job is to support them the best way we can.

We ended the day knowing we gave it our all as well. Athletes were happy along with the parents & coaches. The race director was happy… it was a Gold Medal day for us!

I am proud of the members of the USMT Team!!

2012 will be bigger & better……….

Happy New Year!

Always & With the GLITTER!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking Back at 2011


Here at the USMT office we are quickly gearing up for the last sports massage event we will participate in until we restart the sports massage event schedule in May 2012.

On reflection we have had some pretty incredible opportunities and events that we have had the privilege to be at.

We started the year off with approximately 17 massage therapists.. We are now down to 8 core team members with a few as auxiliary members. With that said , we are always looking for a few good sports massage therapists that are willing to learn new things and able to let go of bad habits and embrace the way that the USMT operates.

I totally understand that life acts up.. But when you make a commitment… You must honor it, stick with it & follow through.

Lead from the front, stand out and set the bar! I believe that I have done just that with the USMT along with the help of my friends!

This year we experienced some incredible “highs” as sports massage therapists. In May three (3) of us participated at the Wounded Warrior Games out in Colorado Springs located & facilitated at the Olympic training Center. We partnered with the OTC staff & Military medical services as well. As a team, Kristen, Dwayne & I provided over 179 half hour sports massage sessions during the course of a 4 ½ work week. The Wounded Warrior Games consisted of over 220 wounded military personal from all branches of the military competing in 7 various sports events. Some of the competitors trained for multiple events. It was completely amazing to interact with & provide our special brand of sports massage to these great warriors! We have gained life long friends at this event.

Other events we participated at during the spring season were the COX Marathon, Newport Rugby Championships, RI State Track & Field Championships and the CROSSFIT REGIONAL GAMES then the AMICA IRONMAN in July. The end of July found us at a 24 Hour Race Around the Lake. This event was quite interesting & great fun! We were on site for only 12 of the 24 hours, but needless to say when we showed up… we were the hero’s to many!

One thing about the USMT.. We know what you need at an event and we come prepared.. We are also like “transformers” and will adapt to the environment we need to work in and get the job done.

It always gives us a chuckle when people ask us: “Where did you guys come from”? Why do they ask this?… Because we are not like the average massage therapist you normally encounter. We are the EXTREME SPORTS MASSAGE TEAM .. We set the bar & continue to trail blaze this profession that is dedicated to our athletes.

We also work out, train & compete like the athletes we work with.. We relate to them on the same level… we speak the same language when it comes to sports & injuries.

August is normally a quiet month for the TEAM and we do take advantage of that.

September on the other hand is not so quiet… we participated in a multitude of smaller events but just as demanding.

October is very busy as well and ends with our “Super Bowl Event” of the year… The MARINE CORPS MARATHON, where we are partnered with the Semper Fi Fund! This event is located in Washington DC.

This years MCM was a complete challenge due to the weather. New England dealt with snow.. We dealt with mud & lots of it!!

Our “game plan” went out the window the moment that one of our Semper Fi athletes came in on his hand cycle… the stabilizing of these athletes was intense. I believe that without the training we have and the attention to detail along with the sense of immediate urgency the morning of the race.. . We could have had a lot of para-athletes heading to the medical tent for additional services.

This is what sets this TEAM apart… we take the extra step to train and apply the practical application of certain protocols in case of emergencies… which do occur. We are great problem solvers!

This years Marine Corps Marathon was a huge success and we look forward to returning next year!

November found us at the RI State Cross Country Championships. This year was especially exciting for us as the Barrington HS girls team won the championships and they are regular visitors to the office.

November 17-20th Rainee & I were back in Washington DC to provide massage at a Traumatic Brain Injury conference. The SemperMax Foundation invited us to work with the Wounded Warriors & their care givers. What an incredible weekend.

The USMT has the final event scheduled for the 29th of December at a track & field event located in Providence RI. This will be a full day event and we will have the opportunity to provide sports massage to high school athletes competing in the day long event. This is the 3rd year we have participated… it is a great experience working with these kids & their coaches. The parents are fabulous as well.

Small sports events pop up here & there and we will participate when we can… the sports calendar fills up fast and trying to balance that with the office is sometimes a huge challenge.

As I look back on the 2011 sports massage event schedule.. I am extremely happy with what we accomplished.

It’s been a great year of changes & accomplishments… I can not wait to see what 2012 has in store…

Big things… HUGE… just wait.. You’ll see…..

Always with the Glitter!!