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Transformer - Decepticon

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 RI Winter Classic Track & Field Event

RI Classic Track & Field Event, Providence RI Dec. 28th 2011

High school athletes are exciting & challenging to work with at the same time. The USMT has been on site to provide sports massage to the many athletes that participate in the event. It’s always nice when the athletes that travel long distances to get there are happy to see us. Yesterday we had a few NY runners come to the sports massage area for pre- & post sessions … they were so happy because they said they needed the same kind of work we provided them last year. What’s even better is when they come back with the hard wear and show you. These are some pretty fabulous kids.

Our local runners are excited as well… they too know they will get that quality work that will keep them in top form.

So needless to say it can be emotionally charged too. I, along with my team mates have regular clients that are competing while we are “tuning up” their opponents for the same competition… On a day like this.. Everyone gets the same “bone crunching intense” sports massage work. We can’t play favorites. The athlete who is the “hungriest” for that win is going to come out on top.

Our job is to support them the best way we can.

We ended the day knowing we gave it our all as well. Athletes were happy along with the parents & coaches. The race director was happy… it was a Gold Medal day for us!

I am proud of the members of the USMT Team!!

2012 will be bigger & better……….

Happy New Year!

Always & With the GLITTER!!


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