Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year.. New Adventures...

New Year, New Adventures & New Additions to the USMT office…
2012 plans on being very exciting and active…

The USMT office will be providing sports massage demo’s at various gym’s throughout the year. It’s really important to educate local athletes of all ages about the importance of implementing sports massage into their regular training and recovery process. Taking care of your body for athletic performance is really no different than providing regular maintenance on lets say your: car, computer, snow blower, lawn mower, sewing machine. I think you get the picture!

Regular maintenance & “tune up’s” are extremely important if you want to stay healthy & injury free during and after your training workouts, stretching and the competitions you have been preparing for.

It doesn’t matter the level of your athletic ability… you should be embracing sports massage and all the various modalities that can be incorporated as part of your overall training & recovery for the ULTIMATE outcome.. YOUR PERFORMANCE!

Sports Massage can & will help with:

* decreasing muscle fatigue

* decreasing muscular injuries

* decreasing fascial adhesion's

* decreasing scar tissue restrictions

* increasing ROM - range of motion

* increasing flexibility

* increasing muscular tone

* increasing physical performance

It’s also important to inform athletes that we are the EXPERTS in our field of massage. We work in a sports training environment on a daily basis… This is what sets us apart from the massage therapist who works in a SPA, Private office or wellness center.

With due respect, they may be really good at what they do in their respective locations.. But they can not take your treatments regarding sports injuries & muscular issues to the next level as we can. Our office is designed for you!!

The USMT is also in the process of developing an ATHLETIC RECOVERY CENTER. This facility will allow active athletes in this area to recover in the same manner as Olympic & professional athletes do… with all of the same “bells & whistles”.

Let me ask you… would you like to recover from athletic training & activity just like the PRO’S? .. well, it’s coming and I know you (the athlete) will love it!

Please contact us at the office any time if you have questions or concerns.. We are here to assist you.

Always & with the glitter!