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Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 FIBT Bobsled / Skeleton World Championships

February 19th, 2012 -- Bobsled -Skeleton World Championships

Well... I can tell you that it is very exciting here in Lake Placid, exspecially for TEAM USA! 

Yesterday the womans 2 person bobsled teams finished competition and the American sled driven by Elana Meyers with brakewoman Katie Eberling took home the BRONZE.  Great showing for the womans team.

The mens competition started today for the 2 man bobsled world champs.  All three USA sleds placed in the top ten!
Steve Holcomb & Steve Langton took home the GOLD!  This is the first time an American Team has won the Gold in 2 man at World Championships!  John Napier & Chris Fogt came in 6th, which is a podium finish & Nick Cunningham & Dallas Robinson came in 9th!
Outstanding showing for TEAM USA!!

I can tell you that we,~~ all of us here in sports med have been working with these athletes all week long to get them physically ready to compete.  Now it's their job to "go to work"... and work they did!  I'm speaking for myself here... but I'm sure the rest of my fellow colleagues will agree.. we are extremely proud of them!

We work with them, follow up and fine tune them.  On race day we are track side. We are there to cheer them on and also if they need us at the last minute for a re-alignment, soft tissue mobilation, flushing, stretching or even taping or re-taping. 

Mentally it's great for them to know their medical staff is there for them -- on point and will act in a moments notice. 

I'm extremely fortunate to be able to work along side these truely fabulous sports medical professionals and be in the presence of World Class athletes.

This coming week is going to be a busy one.. we are now transitioning to the 4 -Man Bobsled  and Skeleton Competitions.  For those of you who are not familer with Skeleton.. it's the opposite of Luge... these athletes are on small sleds facing forward...

Competiton starts next Friday and will end on Sunday afternoon.  I will post the live feed so you can watch the competitions.

Stay Tuned!!

Always & with the glitter!..


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