Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20th, 2012 Bobsled / Skeleton World Championships

Types of soft tissue issues I see.  Yesterday I saw a total of 9 athletes and the sports massage I provided was across the board from:

  • calf issues
  • tight hip flexors / psoas tension
  • Low back / QL's / tight glut's
  • hamstring muscle strains
  • upper, middle & lower trap issues
  • Neck & shoulders
Each athlete presents with various issues and severity.  I find that it is extremely important to LISTEN to the athlete, communicate with them during the session and get feed back plus bounce ideas off the other sports med professionals ( Chiro's, ATC, ) for input if I'm not seeing the results I'm looking for. 

I worked on an athlete yesterday that asked me why I ask so many questions during the session.  Well here's the reason: I need to know your comfort level.  "No pain - no gain" is not always the way to go.  Plus when I get to a certain area and feel something that is not the normal consistency or characteristic  of that muscle or muscle group.. I NEED to know where you are.  What sensation are you experiencing.  I may need to change my approach.  Fundamentally I have to work with you and what your body can handle during that part of the session. 

Sometimes "trickery" is used to get the muscle to do what I want it to do...  I like trickery... ( can you hear that chuckle and grin.. and don't let me forget the ever popular.. "I'm sorry"....

Lets face it ~~ when you are working in a sports medicine environment.. it is NOT relaxing!   This is an approach I see way too often and from my opinion , it's the wrong way to treat the athlete.  My theory and proven record is based on GOAL ORIENTATED, PERFORMANCE BASED OUTCOMES!  Don't sedate the athlete!!

My athletes feel relief from the issue they presented with, energized and mentally & physically ready for continual training leading up to competition.

Know when to treat & when not to.   Have a good construction plan of treatment days with shorter sessions.  Know when to be more agressive leading up to competition and when to ease up.  It's a fine line and you really have to be on top of your game.  This is serious business here and the bottom line is we want our athletes to "go to work" and bring home the hardware!

We've done that already in this World Championships .. now lets get it done again!   GO TEAM USA!!

Always & with the GLITTER!!!


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