Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lake Placid NY - 2012 BOBSLED / SKELETON World Championships

The Night Train .. Getting ready to slide...
 Well, my time here in Lake Placid is coming to an end.  I provided the last of the massage services requested & needed last night.  The last one was the Gold Medal sports massage session!!  No Joke.. pulled out all the stops, went for broke.

This morning I was up bright & early, reported to sports med and finished up a few things before heading to the track with the rest of TEAM USA, the Sports Medical Staff and members of the USOC.  Today was the last 2 runs for the season and it would culminate to our world champion.

Steve Holcomb drove his sled "The Night Train" like a CHAMP and delivered another incredible run for a GOLD MEDAL finish!!  He is the World Champion in 2 man & 4 man BOBSLED.  This is the first time this has been accomplished in the history of USA Bobsled.
Sports massage was a much requested service here at the LPOTC and it has been my complete honor & pleasure to have been here.  Aside from all the athletes being so incredible ~~ another fabulous moment here was after the award ceremonies the top sports medical doctor came over to me and tells me I did a fabulous job with the athletes and he appreciated the hard work.  ... Can it get better than that??  Total recognition & validation from the medical field.  SWEET!!

Yes it is hard work, there are also long hours... crazy hours!  Not everyone has the endurance & discipline to get it done.. I DO!!

The thing is.. you have to be a TEAM player, take the initiative to get it done and NO complaining.  It's NOT about YOU  ~~ It's about the athletes and what their needs are during competition.  Do your job & do it well!!  ~~  So, with that said... My SKILL & Glitter got it done!

I have had an outstanding time here, but now it's time to head home and back to reality.  The USMT Office awaits and I am looking forward to it.

Always ~~ I'm out for now


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