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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lake Placid NY 2012 Skeleton / Bobsled World Championships (Thursday)

2 Man Bobsled World Champion ~~  Steve Holcomb
Today is the start of the Woman's Skeleton Championships!  GO TEAM USA!!

It's been pretty interesting here in Lake Placid @ the OTC.  We spent the first half of the week fine tuning our skeleton athletes for their races & also continued to work with the bobsled athletes that will move in to the 4 man World Championships as well.   BUSY... BUSY... BUSY... never a dull moment.

We have 4 athletes total competing in the Skeleton World Champs.. 2 woman & 2 men.  I've bone my job.. now it's up to them to get their job done.  They have 2 days of sliding each.  The woman will start today & finish up tomorrow ( Friday the 24th) and the men will start Friday and end on Saturday.  We have some pretty strong & motivated athletes here... I'm confident they will rise to the occasion and get it done!

Saturday is the start of the Bobsled 4 man World Championships.  We are fielding 3 sleds, with a total of 12 athletes competing here.  I have worked with all of these athletes for the last 2 weeks... need I say more.  Besides my work they have also worked with whom I consider to be the best of the best in the Sports Medicine world.. Sled's USA-1, USA-2 & USA-3 go get em!!

32 years ago we saw a miracle happen here in Lake Placid.. I feel like we are going to experience another one this coming Sunday!! 
Holcomb won the 2-man Bobsled World Championship last Sunday.. lets grab the 4-man & have a clean sweep by the other 2 USA sleds!

Miracles DO Happen!!!

Always & with the Glitter!


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