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Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lake Placid NY 2012

BOBSLED - SKELETON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS -- Lake Placid NY  February 17-27, 2012

How can I describe how it feels to work along side world class athletes - Olympic level at that.  I truely love & enjoy being in the presence of athletes and working with them to help them acheive  their goals and perform at perfection when it counts -- RACE DAY!

Are these athletes at 100% -- no not usually, they may be #1, but their bodies are usually operating at 80%.  So, as an athlete you get that -- heres the deal, it's MY JOB to help them with my expertise  along with the various sports medical staff to get this athlete at 100% on Game Day.  It's our job to make it happen  We colaberate the care.

Today - 2/16/2012 has been one of those incredible days.  I have been in & out of sports med all day.  Worked with a few athletes in the AM, then headed out for a 4.2  mile run ( it wasn't clean -- but got it done.  Legs were great, lungs were not.)  Then had lunch and headed back into sports med.

The afternoon is when it starts "hopping" -- All the slidders are back from the track and need sports med attention... sports massage is a huge piece.  Then there is usually a de-briefing about what  athlete(s) need what service & who is going to address it.  Then there is follow-up.  Sports med is fun & exciting in the sense that I feel like I'm in my true element -- it's a great environment to work in (if you want to call it work)

It's running pretty smoothly here, but once competition starts.. well that's another story... I can guarentee that the members of the sports med clinic will be ready and waiting for what ever comes our way.

The sports medical professionals I'm working with for the next 2 weeks are pretty incredible!  I learn so much from them ~~  lets say this takes place ALL DAY LONG!   How does that translate to my regular athletes I see in my sports massage clinic... new & improved cutting edge techniques and information that will better prepare them for the playing field.  These 2 weeks will be professional development for me, which will help you & my fellow TEAMMATES back at the office.. total win-win situation.

Well, I'm out for now...

Always & with the GLITTER!


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