Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Groupon Information

Groupon Customers,

The Groupon that was offered in January 2012 will be coming to an end on July 11th, 2012.

Please be advised that we are extremely busy in this office... If you have procrastinated in getting in... make no mistake about this... "because you were unprepared .. this does not make it an emergancy on our part"!

Groupon clients will be scheduled due to availability.  If we can not get you in before the July 11th deadline this is how we will handle the situation:

You will be required to pay the additional amount to equal the 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour massage sessions.
( we will honor the face value of the groupon) ... so... that means YOU have to pay the difference.

Don't argue with the front desk, because that will only make the BOSS unhappy.... trust me.. thats not a good thing.

Package of  3  ( you paid $130.00)   you will pay additional $47.00 on each session after 7/11/2012
90 Minute massage  ( you paid $60.00)  you will pay an additional $60.00 after 7/11/2012
60 Minute massage  ( you paid $45.00)   you will pay an additonal $ 45.00 after 7/11/2012

If you have any questions, you can contact ME directly.... 401-953-9902


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Working 1 on 1 with a Professional Athlete....

 Well, I have successfully started the new adventures of my sports massage career.  Last week I spent an entire week working with and providing sports massage to a professional athlete of mine.

I have worked with this athlete since the 2008 summer Olympic games... it's been a great partnership and also just as rewarding to watch this athlete grow.

I was out of the USMT office for the week and had other MT's that are part of the overall USMT Team fill in for me.  What a stress reliever that was.  It's tough having a skill set as mine and trying not to let any of my athletes or clients that have come to count on me down.  Overall, it was a huge success on all levels.

While I was with my athlete ( I'm only going to refer to this individual as my athlete to keep their privacy) I was able to relax a little, exercised more and had to change my treatment (session) times to accommodate the training schedule on their part. Obviously I want the work to be beneficial, so it would take place post training.

I worked on my athlete everyday and started the first session pretty aggressively and for the longest time frame (1 hr)... targeted everything.. as I like to call it, I got a "blue print" .. which then allowed me to taper the  2nd session (45 minutes) ... the 3rd session was shorter ( 30 minutes) and more specific and then finally the last session was a good flush.. worked out all the kinks.  This athlete is good to go!

I used a significant amount of ice with the first 3 sessions... ice, massage, ice, massage and continue this process during the 30 minute sessions.  I work quick.. for various reasons... remember, this is not a relaxing massage.. I have to get in.. get it done & get out.. it's like a RECON MISSION!!

I am always communication with my athlete... I have to know what he / she is experiencing... because I know what I'm feeling.. and trust me.. if you have experienced my work in the past... I get excited at good work & results!  When I feel the body responding ... I let you know about it!  I definitely like educating my athletes & clients about the healthy ~~ positive changes that are occurring.

It's going to be nice going back to the office tomorrow.. I miss my local athletes & clients and my USMT staff as well. I thank them for holding down the "fort" while I was away!

Thanks Alex, Rachel, Kristen, Rainee & Dwayne!

I am excited that I have taken the opportunity to create a sports massage service that I can offer my athletes that are not local and also be able to have a home base as well.

I enjoyed the many incredible and friendly people on my trip.. thank you!

Always & with the Glitter~~ because I AM SPARKLING!