Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working outside of your comfort zone...

Lori-Ann & Kristen
So today I received a call from a client that was scheduled to come in tonight... He was inquiring to see if it was possible to take a look at his friend and determine if my sports massage work could benefit him.  My response was quick... yes, bring him in!  Now I have no idea whats going on with this guy.. how he injured himself, how long it's been going on or how it's affecting him.

Man was I in for a treat!  This is going to be a MARATHON to resolve the issues that are going on.  I'm excited that I will have the opportunity along with my fellow colleague Kristen to help resolve the muscular issues that are plaguing him to get him back on the road to recovery!.

After taking his health history and spending a significant amount of time getting the background info on his overall issue.. I had a plan of action.  I cautioned him that this was not going to be miraculous nor was some of the work going to be pleasant.   The massage work would be slow and steady.  Most likely his sessions would be 20-30 minutes in duration due to the intensity of the work and the use of our "tools" was almost a certainty!

This young man has a certain amount of paralysis in his arm. Experiencing upper neck & shoulder muscle pain at all times and feeling very depressed and not very hopeful since he has been dealing with this situation for over 7 + years.  

I did inform him that I couldn't promise him any particular outcome, but I would focus on positive improvements, but the progress would be slow... but stay focused.. If he was committed to his recovery.. then Kristen & I would be as well!!

Tonight we were able to relieve some of his constant pain!  What an incredible feeling to be able to help someone who is on the verge of loosing feeling & functionality in his arms... we have scheduled him in for 2 additional 20 minute sessions next week for follow up to tonight's work and we will continue to provide this service to him until we get additional concrete neurological data from tests he has had done. Do the doctor's even know whats going on... he is doubtful.. in his own words " I've been down this road with them before, they have no answers"

30 minute session consisted of:
ice towel of thoracic region / erectors - 10 minutes pre-session
massage of BL triceps / biceps / forearms / rotator cuff muscle group
tool assisted manual manipulation of the  L & R tricep with focus on the medial & long heads
tool assisted manual manipulation of the thoracic erectors
massage smooth out of upper & lower back 
ice towel of thoracic region / erectors - 10 minutes post-session
Sombra post session

Great session!!  Results were positive and client left feeling better and with HOPE!!!

Oh yeah.. he had cotton mouth too!  

And as always we informed him to "pound" the water!!

Kristen & I look forward to working with this young man and will update you periodically on his progress! 

Always & With the GLITTER!



The Ultimate Sports Massage facility will be offering "in service" classes in the near future.  The intent is to review information that may need  to be "brushed up" on or to provide information to massage therapists that are not familiar with sports massage, ice massage, tool assisted soft tissue mobilization, stretching and the list goes on.  

Lori-Ann will be facilitating the majority of the classes and there will be a formal format to each class.  Lori-Ann has over 8 years experience in formal massage therapy education and a wide range of experience in the massage field.

There will be a small fee for each "in service class" - $20.00.  You will receive a certificate of attendance & participation at the end of the program.

In service classes will start on:  August 28th @ 6:30 - 9:30 PM  (Tuesday Evenings)

September: 4,11,18 & 25th
October: 2,9,16,23 & 30th
November: 6,13,20 & 27th
December: 4,11 & 18th

There is a total of 17 in service classes.  The in service classes will resume again in January 2013.

Lori-Ann will provide an itinerary on the first scheduled class.