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Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I really like this new USMT banner!

So, July 28th (Saturday) found me & two other team mates at this annual event.  It's an ULTRA running race.  This is an interesting running race with some pretty incredible people.  We did encounter some pretty intense individuals who run with passion!  Some run for the fun of it and and others feel like they have something to prove.   I like to run.. but I know I could never run for that long or for that distance... well, I won't say never ~ I'll say I choose not to ~ that's a big difference.

I am glad that I was able to be there to help support all the runners who came by our tent for some sports massage services to help them get through their event.    By the time we got on site, the runners and relay teams had already been running for over 12 hours.  good grief ~~ muscle soreness & micro tears, cramps and dehydration galore!            

We came prepared, we had on site with us:
  • ice tub
  • ice  & ice bricks
  • Sombra & Biofreeze
  • 1st aid supplies / VASELINE
  • tents to rest under    and ...        GOOD HUMOR!!   we are good for a few good laughs.
Some of the athletes were concerned about the possibility of not finishing the race.  Once we determine that they are muscularly sound to continue running ~~ it was like a "sigh of relief" for them. They didn't want to let their relay partners down.  It's also very important  to recognize their fear.  Have they ever experienced this feeling before? Most do not understand what is happening to their bodies during this activity.  They are not use to pushing themselves this hard for this long.   Yes, they know they have been running for a long time, but they didn't expect their muscles to start feeling like "mush"... chewed up raw hamburg... actually that's the only way I know how to explain or describe it.  So, yes.. this can be very scary & unsettling to someone who wasn't expecting this to happen. ~~  or, the athlete that shows up with a very current or chronic injury.  It's the current injury on top of the micro tearing from the current activity that creates the biggest issues for us.

The chronic muscular issues create some issues but easy to deal with.

I found myself providing a lot of ice massage using my "tools" around most athletes knee's and providing a few ice baths for the feet & calf's.   Overall it was a great day ~~ I met some really nice people throughout the day.

We even cleaned up & broke down the massage tent and got out of "dodge" before the rain started to down pour and ultimately ending the event.

HOPEFULLY.... some of the athletes we treated will take the time to come and see us in the office ~~ you know RI is sooo big... it takes forever to get to us.... NOT!  get in here people!  :o)

Always & with the Glitter!


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