Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Demetrius "Boo Boo" Andrade
 September 20th... you got it.. I was sitting ring side at Boo Boo's Fight!

Obviously this is a post celebratory photo we took.. but what a great night of boxing!  So exciting to be a part of the big picture to help this athlete stay healthy & injury free leading up to the big fight.  Even if I only had a little hand in it.. it was still my little hand!!  LOL  .. I'm sure those of you who know me can hear me chuckling.  But seriously.. this is important, and I know I did my job leading up to this event and Boo Boo did his!    18-0

Looking forward to many more years of keeping him in tip top shape!!

OOHHHHH yeah.... the other pretty interesting and funny things that happened that night.. Alex got an autograph from Mickey Ward... great guy, very nice to everyone at our table... and as usual.. I left some glitter here & there.. At the end of the night.. Alex says "Oh my god MOM... you left glitter on his cheek"!  It happens...

It was a great night of Boxing!

I'm out for now..

Always & With the Glitter!!

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