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Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Camp LeJeune, North Carolina

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have successfully made it safely to North Carolina!  The weather is good.. I won't say great but better than Rhode Island.  I have however taken the opportunity to relax, run & ride my bike.. I need my swim suit to start that part of my training.. But here on Camp LeJeune & New River Air Station... I have everything I need practically at my finger tips for training!!  Waaaaa Hooooo!

I am taking it one day at a time.. the Wallace Creek Fitness facility is not complete yet so I am on "stand by".  But once it opens up.. watch out because I'm going to be "balls to the walls". 

Since I am in a "holding pattern" and I am not use to all this "down time" ... I am going to pass my resume` out at local massage places and Chiropractic & PT facilities for the time being.. even if it's working part time and for someone else.. I'll do it.

I have visited my parents in western North Carolina as well.... this state has an enormous amount to offer someone who is extremely active or likes to travel and see knew things.  I am really happy to be back here and I can tell you that it will not take me long to create new opportunities for myself here.

Last week I visited the local bike shop... I'm in love & have found my next new bike.. this one will be for my Sprint Tri events... and I plan on competing.. not just participating! 

I will touch base more often... so stay tuned and yes for inquiring minds... the Glitter is with me!!

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