Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warrior Games Day 3

Today started off as we say in Rhode Island as a "schorcha"... HOT!! .. But we were ready to go!  So as our days have started off.. Breakfast .. COFFEE and the drive to the OTC for a few morning athlete sessions then over to the Air Force Academy for the track & field events.

It's always a struggle when organizers " drop the ball"... But in USMT fashion we did overcome, adapt and resolve the obstacles in our way and improvised along the way as well.   Bottom line... We came to work and we are not going to be deterred!  NOPE , not us!

We set up shop by commandeering a tent, moved a few tables & chairs and before you knew it .. We were up and running.  We only had one massage table so we improvised and borrowed a yoga mat from the British Forces and BAM...two massage stations going.. I paid attention to the body mechanics as well, didn't feel like hurting my back because of poor posture ... I was in the groove!

Karen & Kristen worked fabulously as well... The athletes were so appreciative that we were set up track side to help them throughout the competitions.  We were elbows & arms in this game... THEN... The pressure was on... It started to rain!  We continued to work until we were officially told we had to leave the site for safety reasons.

What a great group of athletes!!

We're out for the rest of the day but will be back at it tomorrow.. You can count on it!!

Always and yes the Glitter is with us!

Lori-Ann, Kristen & Karen

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warrior Games Day 2

Today was our first full day working at the Warrior Games.  The excitement here is pretty incredible.. Love these games and love these athletes!

We were all able to catch some of the pistol & rifle shooting competition  along with a few matches of sitting volley ball.. The volley ball takes place right out side of our office.... It can get loud & crazy.. But it's all good fun.

The Semper Fi Fund's volunteers visited us throughout the day as well.. It's always nice to see members of our Team charity.

Between the three of us ( Kristen, Karen & myself) we treated approximately 30 athletes today.. It was a good day.

Tomorrow we are going to be set up track side at the Air Force Academy during the day and then back to the OTC at night to see a few more athletes there.

I can't describe the injuries... There are a lot of them .. But we are seeing the same muscular issues with them as we do with abled bodied athletes.  They know we have there best interest at hand and its about performance ... We give them that winning edge!

Tomorrow will be another great day at the office!!

Always & with the Glitter!!
Lori-Ann, Kristen & Karen

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Working out in Colorado Springs

Yesterday Kristen & I went for a run .. We plotted out a course that we eventually came upon a really nice trail that rambled along a small river basin.  We didn't run fast.. Just getting the jitters and "cob webs" out while waiting to pick our team mate Karen up from the airport.  We managed to get in aprox 4.41 miles with that outing.

Today we all went out for the same run.. Karen clearly has a set of wheels on her.. She's fast!  We also didn't see any snakes on the path today.. Yesterday was a different story.. Lol

Today's run was better and we improved our time.. Crazy.. Even with Kristen's double blisters.  It was really great out there, it's always nice to be able to stretch your legs and exercise on trips.

We are heading to the CSOTC in alittle while to get set up.... I'm really excited for our work to start!  We will keep u posted.

Always.. & yes the Glitter is with us!
Lori-Ann, Kristen and Karen

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Warrior Games preparations

Today Kristen & I went to the CSOTC to check in with Amber @ Sports Med and locate the room we will be set up in providing sports massage for this exciting week long athletic event.  We also received our official credentials... The room we will occupy is in sports center 2 , right off the main gym floor that is used for basket ball and volleyball .. Possibly other events too ... We'll see.

It has been pretty incredible running into warrior athletes we have treated and worked with in the past whether it was here at the Warrior Games, the Marine Corps Marathon or the Semper Max Traumatic Brain Injury Conferences... We are just as excited to see them as they are to see us!!

The excitement & energy here is amazing... Opening ceremonies are tonight and we start our 5 day marathon sports massage sessions tomorrow. 

Can't wait!! 

Ultimate Sports Massage is in the house!!!

Always & with the Glitter!!
Lori-Ann & Kristen

** we pick Karen up tonight at the airport

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pictures of the USMT office & the activities and visitors we see

This past month & a half has been a very active time in the office:  we have daily visitors that come in to say hi.. New clients & athletes finding us on the "web" or referrals from various medical professionals, clients and athletes or our connection with Brown University.  We strive to continue to bring you the ultimate cutting edge in sports massage- sports medicine services.  That is our commitment to you!

Kristen & I have also traveled to North Carolina to present a sports massage training to the NC AMTA Sports Massage team for their up coming Raleigh  IRONMAN 70.3 in June... Which I am also excited to say that I will personally be on hand to work with this wonderful group of massage therapists at this event.  So if you are one of the PRO's who have competed at the Providence RI Ironman 70.3 and enjoyed the sports massage services there.. Look for me in Raleigh!!

The last weekend of April found the USMT office providing an Advanced Sports Massage training to members of the team with focus on new techniques, 3 various ice protocols and the IASTM.. (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) this last part of the training was exciting and with some of our Team it was a complete transformation and understanding of the science & theory behind this multi faceted approach within the sports medicine- sports massage arena.  (For inquiring massage therapists.. Contact us for more information)... It was a great weekend training!!

This week finds Kristen, Karen & myself out in Colorado Springs CO @ the OTC ( Olympic training center) for the Warrior Games!  This is our 3rd year were we will provide sports massage to over 225 wounded military personal competing at this week long sporting event.  This year will also feature British forces as well.  This event continually evolves for the benefit of our  military para athletes.  

I will continue to post all week long on the competition  and progress of the USMT team.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to me & the Team.

Always & with the Glitter!!