Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pictures of the USMT office & the activities and visitors we see

This past month & a half has been a very active time in the office:  we have daily visitors that come in to say hi.. New clients & athletes finding us on the "web" or referrals from various medical professionals, clients and athletes or our connection with Brown University.  We strive to continue to bring you the ultimate cutting edge in sports massage- sports medicine services.  That is our commitment to you!

Kristen & I have also traveled to North Carolina to present a sports massage training to the NC AMTA Sports Massage team for their up coming Raleigh  IRONMAN 70.3 in June... Which I am also excited to say that I will personally be on hand to work with this wonderful group of massage therapists at this event.  So if you are one of the PRO's who have competed at the Providence RI Ironman 70.3 and enjoyed the sports massage services there.. Look for me in Raleigh!!

The last weekend of April found the USMT office providing an Advanced Sports Massage training to members of the team with focus on new techniques, 3 various ice protocols and the IASTM.. (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) this last part of the training was exciting and with some of our Team it was a complete transformation and understanding of the science & theory behind this multi faceted approach within the sports medicine- sports massage arena.  (For inquiring massage therapists.. Contact us for more information)... It was a great weekend training!!

This week finds Kristen, Karen & myself out in Colorado Springs CO @ the OTC ( Olympic training center) for the Warrior Games!  This is our 3rd year were we will provide sports massage to over 225 wounded military personal competing at this week long sporting event.  This year will also feature British forces as well.  This event continually evolves for the benefit of our  military para athletes.  

I will continue to post all week long on the competition  and progress of the USMT team.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to me & the Team.

Always & with the Glitter!!


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