Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warrior Games Day 3

Today started off as we say in Rhode Island as a "schorcha"... HOT!! .. But we were ready to go!  So as our days have started off.. Breakfast .. COFFEE and the drive to the OTC for a few morning athlete sessions then over to the Air Force Academy for the track & field events.

It's always a struggle when organizers " drop the ball"... But in USMT fashion we did overcome, adapt and resolve the obstacles in our way and improvised along the way as well.   Bottom line... We came to work and we are not going to be deterred!  NOPE , not us!

We set up shop by commandeering a tent, moved a few tables & chairs and before you knew it .. We were up and running.  We only had one massage table so we improvised and borrowed a yoga mat from the British Forces and BAM...two massage stations going.. I paid attention to the body mechanics as well, didn't feel like hurting my back because of poor posture ... I was in the groove!

Karen & Kristen worked fabulously as well... The athletes were so appreciative that we were set up track side to help them throughout the competitions.  We were elbows & arms in this game... THEN... The pressure was on... It started to rain!  We continued to work until we were officially told we had to leave the site for safety reasons.

What a great group of athletes!!

We're out for the rest of the day but will be back at it tomorrow.. You can count on it!!

Always and yes the Glitter is with us!

Lori-Ann, Kristen & Karen

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