Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Warrior Games preparations

Today Kristen & I went to the CSOTC to check in with Amber @ Sports Med and locate the room we will be set up in providing sports massage for this exciting week long athletic event.  We also received our official credentials... The room we will occupy is in sports center 2 , right off the main gym floor that is used for basket ball and volleyball .. Possibly other events too ... We'll see.

It has been pretty incredible running into warrior athletes we have treated and worked with in the past whether it was here at the Warrior Games, the Marine Corps Marathon or the Semper Max Traumatic Brain Injury Conferences... We are just as excited to see them as they are to see us!!

The excitement & energy here is amazing... Opening ceremonies are tonight and we start our 5 day marathon sports massage sessions tomorrow. 

Can't wait!! 

Ultimate Sports Massage is in the house!!!

Always & with the Glitter!!
Lori-Ann & Kristen

** we pick Karen up tonight at the airport

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