Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Working out in Colorado Springs

Yesterday Kristen & I went for a run .. We plotted out a course that we eventually came upon a really nice trail that rambled along a small river basin.  We didn't run fast.. Just getting the jitters and "cob webs" out while waiting to pick our team mate Karen up from the airport.  We managed to get in aprox 4.41 miles with that outing.

Today we all went out for the same run.. Karen clearly has a set of wheels on her.. She's fast!  We also didn't see any snakes on the path today.. Yesterday was a different story.. Lol

Today's run was better and we improved our time.. Crazy.. Even with Kristen's double blisters.  It was really great out there, it's always nice to be able to stretch your legs and exercise on trips.

We are heading to the CSOTC in alittle while to get set up.... I'm really excited for our work to start!  We will keep u posted.

Always.. & yes the Glitter is with us!
Lori-Ann, Kristen and Karen

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