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Transformer - Decepticon

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sports Massage @ A Sports Camp

WOW!!  What an incredible week it's been, of course it's had it's ups & downs but extremely exciting!  ~ no doubt about it!!
I've been in California for the week at a Professional Boxing Camp with my Pro fighter (Demetrius Andrade, A.K.A. "Boo Boo" -Boxing) and members of his team along with various pro boxers from around the country who are out here training for their own up coming fights.

So far a typical training day consists of a run or strength & conditioning session. Then evaluating to see if any muscular therapy or stretching is needed prior to the night time training which usually consisted of either pad work or sparring in the ring... Either way.. These boys put it all out there.  Afterwards, we head back to the house for a 1 hour hot tub / cold plunge ( in the pool) contrast.  Then this would be followed up with a sports massage flush.. Working out the kinks.  Addressing the muscular needs for that particular day & training.

On a few occasions ice massage was utilized.. Mostly on the larger muscle groups... The legs! (hammie's, quads & adductors)... Making sure everything is addressed, separated and working synergistically with each other... Gotta have that balance.

It's been very interesting to see this side of my fighters training, I'm usually not involved with it... Just his recovery piece. I'm glad I was able to watch & witness the activities he takes on through out this whole process, it gives me more in-sight and understanding of what his complaints are when he comes in for treatments now.

It was also exciting to share my special brand of muscular therapy sports massage to the other fighters in the camp as well.. All of them were amazed, they had never experienced anything like it before.. As the Gunny says.. I'm the "secret weapon"! :)

I head back to RI tonight on a "red eye", its been an incredible week, but I miss my team mates, my office and my athletes & clients!  Every once in a while ya gotta change it up... This was a great shot in the arm~ but its time to get back to the real deal... USMT!

Oh... You better believe the glitter was with me~ all week!

I'm out~. Lori -Ann

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