Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes, We Use Tools...

Yesterday found a few new clients in the office ... Referrals are the best!!  The client I had was referred by 2 separate people who had mentioned I use "tools" to scrape the muscles during a massage.  

This is always interesting because with athletes ( most anyway) they understand what this is.  Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation... That's what it is in a nut shell... But there is a clear methodology behind it and it should not be facilitated without proper training and understanding.  

I practiced, researched and experimented with this modality for over a year & a half before ever bringing it to the office and implementing it on a client. 

This is a serious approach to muscular treatment & recovery and should not be entered into lightly by a practicing therapist... OWN this information, that should be the overall obligation & commitment to each person that is treated with this approach.

But to get back to this new client.. She said when she heard we use tools, her instant response was ... I need to get there- What's the number!!

It's always interesting what the response is from clients about the tools... The tools are miraculous ~ and the difference between continued depression for a client / athlete or the road to recovery and hope.

It's difficult seeing clients come to the office on a daily basis who are at their wits end because they are desperate for pain relief and want to recover from muscular dysfunction and no one seems to know how to help.  It can be a viscous cycle with no end in site... But with the right combination of therapist, knowledge & skill along with the ability to use various modality's and tools... There's a winning combination for a success story! 

Yesterday was the start of a new success story.  There is a lot that goes into the overall treatment when using the tools and communication is one aspect of it as well. 

If you have questions regarding this approach, feel free to contact me at the office or send an email my way.. I'd be happy to speak with you... 

For those of you who know me... I love my work!!

Always & with the Glitter!!!


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