Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, November 24, 2013

USMT - Providence RI Office

Providence RI.. Home of the Ultimate Sports Massage facility.  This is where hopes and dreams are achieved.  It is also a place where relaxation & pampering can be provided.  We have it all... When you first visit, I think there is a mixed set of emotions and expectations from all who visit.. It depends on what your needs are.  

When I first started developing the USMT Providence office... I knew what I wanted and it was NOT a wellness center.  It was going to be different ... I was no longer under the "thumb" of someone else's vision or their restrictions.  It was my time and I was ready to go.

I wanted athletes who walked in for the first time to immediately feel like they were entering a sports medicine atmosphere and know they would be taken care of in that manner.

I feel like I have accomplished that.

I wanted a sports massage facility that could handle the demands of athletes and others who needed this specialized form of massage... This specialty that separates us from the rest.. And the key ingredient is and always will be the RESULTS we provide.  

For clients who are not coming in for sports or performance massage work.. Well, your oasis is when you enter anyone of the private massage rooms.. Comfy & cozy!  I know that my big TRANSFORMERS picture is overwhelming.. & one must think... HELLO KITTY... What does that have to do with massage??  Well, it's our personalities and it's what we bring to the " table".. :)

The services we provide at the USMT Providence office:

• Sports -injury massage
    • Kinesio Taping
    • IASTM (instrument assisted soft        
       tissue mobilization 
    • Ice Massage
• Relaxation - Therapeutic Massage
• Deep Tissue massage
• Thai yoga massage
• Hot Stone massage
• Spa Treatment massage

One thing to remember, we love our job and excel at providing top notch services.. Hands down!  

There is a wealth of knowledge and skill within each and everyone of the very talented massage therapists at USMT. 

So, please take the opportunity to contact the office and see first hand what we have to offer... You won't be disappointed !

Lori-Ann, Kristen, Valen, Kaela & Holly

Gunny & Alex

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