Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sports Massage "on the road"

This week has been a very exciting one... I headed out to the NC-AMTA state conference in Statesville...(beautiful town by the way) and took part in two (2) workshops.  The first one was event sports massage, more of a refresher course really.  But, it was nice seeing old friends and adding my 2 cents where it was needed or, more importantly.. WANTED.  The second course was not related to sports massage but very interesting and the class was very engaging.. Cudos to the organizers for a very informative event!

I couldn't stay the entire time because I had committed myself and service (sports massage) to 2 of my Marine athletes who were participating in a 40+ ultra race and I had to get prepared for my own Sprint Triathlon as well. 

I'm going to say it was really fun being part of Toshia & Paul's support team while they where out there in the hot sun running all day.  I was a little "handicapped" using "bumble bee" as my go-to vehicle on this adventure .... But I will have the BEAST back soon.  It was difficult getting the table out of the back seat, however I had a job to do and I was going to be ready for these 2 when they arrived at each one of our pre- agreed race aid stations.  Between myself providing sports massage and Kimberly & Harry providing other assistance to them.. We made a great team!

My job was keep them running: ice massage, taping when needed and stretching or the application of Biofreeze ... What ever they needed.. That was the name of the game!


We had it all out on the road supporting Paul & Toshia... Sports massage , logistics, food & water , not to mention the entertainment!  Great day!!!


Thank you Victor, Paul & Toshia for supporting me on my day!!

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