Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Myofascial Release Workshop Part 2

This weekend has found me & the RI USMT crew at the 2nd part of the Howard Rontel Myofascial Release workshop.   GREAT information!  

It's been really nice seeing some of the other therapists from the training we had in December... And meeting new ones as well. 

I stayed partnered with Kristen all weekend, I really wanted to get great work from a great therapist who understands what Myofascial release is, how to detect fascias "build up", adhesions etc... I didn't want to work with someone who was just learning... Now normally I would be all about this.. But this was the 2nd phase of the class and very important to grasp the new information and material to be able to bring it back to clients & Marines the following week. 

I also feel that at this point in the game therapists of our caliber shouldn't be guessing where a muscles origin & insertion is... They should know!  

I won't apologies for my standards and expectations... Call me an ass because of it but one thing is for sure... My clients appreciate that about me... They know I'm continually raising the bar.. For them!

So I'll be studying & practicing this most recent material for my certification come October 2014.  I'm confident that myself, Kristen & Holly will all be certified in Howard Rontels Myofascial Release by the end of the year.  Go USMT!!

Gotta head out .. A hard charging Marine is waiting in me.

Always & with the Glitter!

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