Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Providing USMT style sports massage

Today is Terrific Tuesday! ~ here I am in the new RI USMT office located at No Risk Crossfit... I'm filling in for Kristen while she's on vacation... Then heading back to Camp Lejeune NC to the Wallace Creek USMT office.

It's been an enjoyable visit this past week.  I've been able to treat many old clients along with a few new ones.  It's also given me the opportunity to train my fellow massage therapists in a few new techniques I've learned... Give the new MTs a new vision and perspective on how I work and how to provide results to our athletes and clients. 

Results are what really drives our clientele  to our office.. Who wants to deal with reoccurring injuries and suffer unnecessary pain on a daily basis?  Not me... So that's what drives me to be the best of the best!  

When clients & athletes suffer muscular injuries they are looking for the experts to help resolve those issues.  They are also looking for more than a few hours of relief.... They usually want it gone right away.  That's nothing new, but if you master your knowledge & skill set you can provide anywhere from 1-4 days of relief before they start feeling the "old signs" of the problem coming back.  Your job is to follow up with another treatment.. That's why I developed the 4 WK treatment plan... And it clearly works! ~ it provides the results they are looking for.....  

You know I could babble on about this but unfortunately it's time for me to get going!.... Ill be back soon.

Always & with the Glitter!