Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, September 22, 2014

Continuing Education- On the Cutting Edge

 The first weekend in September found Kristen & I participating at a Human-body Cadaver workshop.  Simply amazing on what secrets the body holds.  I was honored to be asked to step in as the assistant to the workshop director and facilitator for the 1 day class.  
Kristen & I helped "prepare" the bodies for the workshops (2 classes would be held on Sunday, 3 hrs each) 
We took notes on each one, indicated significant findings that would be of interest ... I knew there would be certain things I would be looking for ... I wanted to see with my own eyes if what I was seeing with my hands was the same and to validate the work I already do to resolve specific muscular problems.  
When I'm working with an athlete or client I have a protocol and theory I'm following that follows my scientific reasoning.  This experience clearly validated all of the work I do... And based on that, I will not deviate from z good plan.  I intend to make it better.

One thing I found interesting is the way fascial adhesions & scar tissue  "bind" structures and how scar tissue looks compared  to fascia .... 2 things I "see" a lot while working.... Again, this experience has given me valuable in site on how to administer a treatment that will functionally benefit the athlete-client who is looking for resolution to their muscular problems.

I can't wait until next years workshop!!

You better believe the glitter was with me on that day !!


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