Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gunny's new running game...

I know I've been " slacking" on updating everyone on the adventures of USMT, it's staff & of course our athletes and clients... No excuse really except that I've been extremely busy at the Wallace Creek office and at the end of the day ~ I'm tired and don't want to do anything other than drive home & crawl into bed... Via a short little stint on the couch!  I'm pretty confident that you can all relate....

August was a big competition month for the Gunny & I.. But mostly him.  Crazy bastard... Wait.. You'll see. 

The first event we did was the cherry point sprint tri, I somehow hurt my knee in July so I switched my individual race to a team... I would swim and my teammates ( both very fit Marines) would run & bike... Ekkkk, no pressure there!
I was a little nervous at first, not because of the swim... But more because I did not want to let them down... I'm at least 10 years their senior and not in the same shape as them... (So I thought) I might be voluptuous... But I got what it takes come game time!  I swam like a fish.. A stealthy fish... FAST!   
Overall we did rather well... I was happy and they were too.. Even with no training.. It was a wake up and oh yeah... Your competing in a sports event.  Hahahahah 

Gunny did really well... He came in 2nd in his age group!  I love listening to him talk about his training, where he "went wrong" and how he's going to fix that.  

So the 3rd weekend in August found us at the Homestead Ultra... This kind of running is a whole new animal for the gunny... It's a different kind of "spin" on a 50K.  (Ten 5k races in 10 hours). 

The race started at 7 am, gun goes off and approximately 100 runners are off... They have until 8 am to finish the first 5k.
If they don't finish within that time frame.. Their done.. Stick a fork in em...DQ'ed

Gunny was going STRONG until race #6.  That's when his legs started cramping, getting "charley horses" and was slightly dizzy.  When he came back from race #8 I told him I was ready to pull the plug... He begged me to let him go back out again and if he didn't feel better after that  he would be ok with me throwing the white towel up... Of course you have to know I was providing sports massage to him and our friend Toshia throughout the entire race.... It was helping but this distance was wearing on them...& the others as well.  I treated a few other athletes for cramping as well.. My runners were in good hands.. Mine. :-)

Gunny finished the 9th run in a time of 49 minutes... He came in at 53 minutes for the 10th & final run of the day...31 miles completed.  He looked like he was ready for the "glue factory".   Even with all of the sports massage, stretching and ice application throughout the day ... He had a weeks worth of recovery.  

We asked him if he was ready for his next one...#%€k no was his reply until the next morning at breakfast when he starts strategizing about his next race.. What he did wrong, what he's going to work on and improve.  :-)

Now he understands why I want him to take it easy and create his own "retired" athlete training schedule .... He is retired, now I just want him to focus on his athletic training.. That's his job moving forward... Besides facilitating my "honey do list" 

Good times in NC!!

Always and with the Glitter!

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