Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Certificates ~ Great "Stocking Stuffers"!

The Holiday's are quickly approaching .. Don't miss out on giving the gift of health, the gift of "recovery & maintenance" to your favorite athlete!   
Both the North Carolina & the Rhode Island USMT offices will have them in stock and ready to go for your someone special !!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Warrior Games Photos 2014

What an incredible and exciting week working with our nations wounded warriors 2014.  I can't say enough about the fabulous sports massage therapists on the USMT team!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scope of Practice: Sports Massage

The interesting thing about "Scope of Practice"

This week alone I heard that phrase no less than 15-20 times during the course of the games. 

I am a licensed massage therapist in both RI & NC.  I am also "Board Certified" by the NCMBT and a AMTA member  I follow the "rules" and pay a LOT of money for the credentials that really don't mean a thing to my clients & athletes but speak volumes in the massage field.  Go figure, but I'm sure someone's got an argument for it or against it.  Whateva .....

So this past week me & the USMT crew set up at the CSOTC for the Warrior Games.  This is going to be a walk in the park.. 4th year out and every year has presented us with a different set of circumstances and challenges.  We got this.. We've overcome other obstacles this year is no different.

So funny how other so called "sports medical" professionals such as: athletic trainers, sports physical therapists & team "doctors" ( you get the picture)  can arbitrarily toss that term around to meet their needs, fit their insecurities and disrespect others. 

Let me just make this statement: I know & own my scope of practice.  I don't need anyone to point it out to me.  I also don't hold myself out to be anything other than a very well educated and skillful muscular therapist . 

My scope of practice is: the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body.  Among a few other things such as First Aid & CPR, IASTM and certified training in Kinesio Taping.

I do not implement anything out side of that realm: my scope of practice.  Sports massage - Muscular therapy

I do not diagnose
I do manipulate the skeletal system
I do not prescribe medications


Would I like to work in a cohesive sports medicine environment like I do on Camp Lejeune at Wallace Creek & the Navy Smart Clinic.. Yes of course... But unfortunately that didn't happen.

The only medical personnel that we interacted with that showed me & my team any ounce of professional curtsy  was a army medic assigned to Team SOCOM .   He (thanks Luke) recognized our skill set!
Ponder this: if I spent the same green    US currency as any chiropractor, physical therapist, athletic trainer, doctor or a occupational therapist in a Kinesio Taping course or an IASTM course that provides me with continuing education credits that fall under the guide lines of my scope of practice .... Why oh why do these same "professionals" feel the need to  say I'm working outside of " my scope of practice"?
True story.. Happens all the time....
This trip & sports event was no different.

This is one reason why I have made it MANDATORY that our team has a travel binder with us that declares all of our licenses, insurance, specialty skill certifications & credentials.

I may not have gone to school as long as other "Sports Medical Professionals" but I am knowledgable, I do study things that are considered "above my pay grade" and some of you may think of it as out of my "scope of practice" ~ but it's not... Just consider me & my team as career students.

Don't be afraid of me because I really.. REALLY know the science.

Embrace us.. Because, after all we're all on the same team.. The team that ultimately helps the athlete & client who's looking for results.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Warrior Games 2014

What a week!  Today was the closing ceremonies for the Warrior Games.  The sports massage team stayed extremely busy all week providing much needed muscular therapy to our military athletes.  We set up on Friday September 26th on the Colorado Springs OTC ... We came prepared... Not only did we have 4 sports massage therapists on hand for the week but we also had a receptionist as well... AKA.. The Gunny... He knows the job and doubled as our team driver too. (Did I mention we are a fully mobile functional sports massage team)?  Oh yes.. We get the job done!  Half of us drove out with all the gear and the other half flew. 

Saturday & Sunday we had modified shifts and filled the available time slots .... After the first 4-5 athletes the word was spreading fast on the OTC about us and before we knew it our Monday & Tuesday schedules were booked! 

This is of course what we were hoping and expecting to happen.  This was our 4th year out here for the games  ... Every year has been slightly different for our actual working environment but the actual job has stayed the same... Provide that bone crushing goal orientated performance based outcomes.. Provide an atmosphere for proper muscular treatment & recovery.  

We worked with athletes from all branches of the military.. But this year was the year of SOCOM!  We interacted with more athletes from that group than any other .. How exciting throughout the week after competitions throughout the day.. Someone would come in our office excited about their performance and win!  Yup, bring home the hardware... And then say it was all because of you & the massage I got!  Of course it's really all about them and what they did but exciting that they want to share that with us! 

The week had plenty of emotions as well... It's not easy to not get emotional or be affected by some of the things you see or hear from these same athletes:  for instance, the conversation starts with "can you take a look at my foot, it caused me a lot of pain.  I'm thinking of having it taken off"  Of course I'm going to look at that foot!  Not even 5 minutes working lightly on it with IASTM and huge improvements, continue to work on foot up the calf to knee and yet more improvements!

That's just one of many incidents we experienced throughout the week. 

Humbling, exciting, emotional .. Grateful that we were able to have the ability to work with these men and woman and give back to them !

I have one individual who is serious about flying across the country to come and receive my work so he can recovery completely from a shoulder injury.  An injury that had restricted his ROM for over 5 years. 

I could go on & on about the week.. It was truly amazing but I do believe my mind is still racing from the week.  I think it's best if I let a few days go by before really explaining what transpired.  But I know I am forever changed by these fabulous men & woman we had the opportunity to work with!!

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