Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Massage Therapists @ Wallace Creek NC

Hey Everyone!

The year has started off with a BANG!!
I'm going to be away from the Wallace Creek USMT office for a bit... Heading to Tampa Florida to teach a Sports Massage course then heading to Europe where I will meet up with the U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Team for a 2 week assignment.😎

While I am away from Wallace Creek and you are in need and looking to schedule a massage session ... These are the ladies you need to reach out to:  (in no particular order, they all have busy schedules 😏)

Jessie: 303-888-0680
Nichole: 214-686-2786
Bridget: 910-333-6338
Caitlin: 252-503-5780

And Angela @ Court House Bay

You can always reach out to me via email while I'm gone:

I will be back in country and ready to work on about February 26th!

See everyone soon!

These are your Wallace Creek USMT Massage Therapists!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

USMT Sports Massage

"Jack" is My "go to" IASTM tool!

Working my magic on Roy's stump

Using "Jack" to help resolve some adhesions in
 Victor's Shoulder. 

Well, here we are... it's the middle of January.  The new year has started off with a BANG!  Exciting things have already started to happen for USMT!  This plans to be an exciting and adventurous 2015!  The first quarter of the year has myself, Kristen & Kaela traveling to Tampa Florida to provide a training on our special brand of USMT Sports Massage based on our work with the Wounded Warriors... and working at the Warrior Games. 
Once I return from this trip I will make a short stop in NC - work 1 day and then will be heading to Sochi Russia where I will be on hand providing sports massage to members of the US National Bobsled & Skeleton Team. ~ SWEET~!!
After completing my assignment with the bobsled team..  I will make my way back to NC and start the process of opening up the 3rd USMT office which will be located on MCAS New River fitness facility.  ~ even SWEETER~!!
As of right now we have the original office located in RI run by Kristen & Kaela, very skilled and knowledgeable therapists.  NC will have 3 offices; 2 at Wallace Creek located on MCB Camp Lejeune and the last one at the New River air station.
Exciting times to come... I will be teaching & training new massage therapists the special brand of USMT SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY.