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Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, February 27, 2015

USMT Opens ANOTHER Sports Massage Office

Front Entrance to the new office located in the New River Air Station Gym!

As of March 3rd, 2015 the USMT Team will be opening it's third office in NC.  This is an exciting time as this has been in the works for over a year.  The "seeds" of yesterday have finally taken hold and have grown & developed into something very exciting and has established a new standard of care for our hard working Military personal.  Our Marines & Sailors!   We now have 2 offices located at the Wallace Creek Fitness Facility and 1 new office on the MCAS New River Gym.
Sports Injury, muscular rehabilitation is our SPECIALTY however  The massage therapy staff at both locations can & will provide the services that are posted on the MCCS website to include the following:
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Therapeutic-Relaxing
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Looking forward to the "soft grand opening" of New River and also equally excited about getting the specialty BRAND of USMT sports massage out there to our Military community.
Lori-Ann  (and yes of course.. the GLITTER is with me!)

Thursday, February 19, 2015


So it's been extremely interesting to watch the dynamics here.  I'll equate it to High school and the "pecking order" of where you fit in, and where you are on the "totem pole" of years of experience.

So as I've been told this is a quad year... I'm really new to this term but the explanation makes sense:  it's the first year after the Olympics and some of the veteran athletes are taking some well deserved time off... Shit, they have been training and committed  to this sport for the last 4 years plus some and have given it all and sacrificed a LOT!  Also remember being an Olympic athlete your not as well recognized as a professional athlete and you don't get paid like them either.

So here we are, on  the World Cup touring schedule.  I've been to Sochi Russia & Munich Germany with this team: male & female athletes.  Great group of athletes individually with very dynamic personalities ... This keeps things interesting.😎


You have your very first year athletes on the team (freshman) and you have your athletes coming up from the America's cup (sophomore).  These athletes are competing amongst each other and trying to define-if you will- etch out their existence on the team... My opinion is the "sophomores's" have an edge but not by much.... And that edge is experience. 

These athletes should be taking queues from the more experienced athletes in all areas of the sport and also just as equally important is their personal behaviors on the world stage.  

Remember ATHLETES we are representing our country! USA

Our Veteran athletes should be setting the example for the younger less experienced athletes to follow and should be stepping up to discipline their own when they step out of line.  (From what I've witnessed, they do but like all things... You can only do so much)

Hey I'm all about having fun, but there is a time & place... This is not the time nor the place.  Your job is to train, compete and repeat this process while expected to bring home the hardware and staying within the top ten while your sport is in "season"... That's the expectation.  If you can't do this then you need to realize that this could be your first & last year on the team.  True story, can't make it up.. It's just reality. 

That's my observation, take the good with the bad and highs with the lows... Just get it done!

Always with the Glitter!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Traveling Sports Massage Therapist

So, who ever thinks that being a sports massage therapist with a traveling team is glamorous ... Your out of your mind... Busy, tired, over worked, in demand and constantly "on" is more like it!  

However... It is extremely rewarding to be part of the overall big picture with your athletes.  You are a key member of their sports med support group.  They count on you, they look to you for your expertise and mastery of your specialized skill.

I've been working with this Team for the last week and I have another week to go.   The great thing about this group is they know their bodies and what they want as far as treatments go.  

Your either going to be providing spot treatments on issues that arise during a training run or a regular workout to the pre event Sports Massage Flush.

The athletes also have set ways on how & when they get the work done.

Listen to them!  Especially if they are veterans of the sport.

Don't overwhelm them with your presence.  Just let them know that your there for them and will take care of their issues when they arise.

All too often I see various sports medical personal get bit by the "athlete persona" and completely ruin a good thing.  You see, when your traveling with athletes... You are all a captive audience - your stuck with each other for 2-3 weeks at a time.  If you are over bearing and in the athletes "face" all the time... They will come to resent that and avoid you like the plague.  DON'T BE THAT GUY!!!

This also brings me to the next point:  Your working with athletes... Bring your sports massage "A" game "toolbox".  For the love of god don't bring your spa- relaxing-Swedish style massage routine with you.  They want and need you to be able to address and treat their muscular needs.  But at the same time, pay attention.  These athletes also don't need to be "injured" because you overworked them and created a muscular issue.

I'm always amazed... Stupefied more like it when I hear things like:

• The other MT worked so hard I had bruises for weeks

• I had to actually tell the MT to stop because they were hurting me

• I felt like the MT was giving me an "Indian sunburn" while massaging me

Oh the list goes on... 

As I always say:  know your subject matter, the human body.  Know your muscular & skeletal systems, know the origin and insertion sitrs of muscles.

Understand how the "mechanism of injury" comes about and to immediately start the healing process thru sports massage and muscular therapy.

There is a new and exciting trend in sports massage... You might want to look into it.... It's the USMT "bell curve"

Thanks for allowing me to rant a little..

Always & with the glitter!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

On To Another Adventure! 2015 #EPIC

Well here it is, the day I'm finally heading to Europe to meet up with the US Bobsled & Skeleton Team.  This is another mile stone in my sports massage career.  I have been working with this team on & off for the last 8 years!  I'm still amazed... and honored that I keep getting "called back" to work with the team.  😎

Once I get on that plane I will have limited access to "communications" with my offices and teammates... But I will touch base with everyone as soon as I can and as often as I can.

However, as we all know how I operate...once I put this new "pack" on... My focus will be completely on these athletes.  I owe that to them, that's my commitment!

I'm out! 
Let the good times begin!
JACK & The Glitter are on board. 🎀