Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Thursday, February 19, 2015


So it's been extremely interesting to watch the dynamics here.  I'll equate it to High school and the "pecking order" of where you fit in, and where you are on the "totem pole" of years of experience.

So as I've been told this is a quad year... I'm really new to this term but the explanation makes sense:  it's the first year after the Olympics and some of the veteran athletes are taking some well deserved time off... Shit, they have been training and committed  to this sport for the last 4 years plus some and have given it all and sacrificed a LOT!  Also remember being an Olympic athlete your not as well recognized as a professional athlete and you don't get paid like them either.

So here we are, on  the World Cup touring schedule.  I've been to Sochi Russia & Munich Germany with this team: male & female athletes.  Great group of athletes individually with very dynamic personalities ... This keeps things interesting.😎


You have your very first year athletes on the team (freshman) and you have your athletes coming up from the America's cup (sophomore).  These athletes are competing amongst each other and trying to define-if you will- etch out their existence on the team... My opinion is the "sophomores's" have an edge but not by much.... And that edge is experience. 

These athletes should be taking queues from the more experienced athletes in all areas of the sport and also just as equally important is their personal behaviors on the world stage.  

Remember ATHLETES we are representing our country! USA

Our Veteran athletes should be setting the example for the younger less experienced athletes to follow and should be stepping up to discipline their own when they step out of line.  (From what I've witnessed, they do but like all things... You can only do so much)

Hey I'm all about having fun, but there is a time & place... This is not the time nor the place.  Your job is to train, compete and repeat this process while expected to bring home the hardware and staying within the top ten while your sport is in "season"... That's the expectation.  If you can't do this then you need to realize that this could be your first & last year on the team.  True story, can't make it up.. It's just reality. 

That's my observation, take the good with the bad and highs with the lows... Just get it done!

Always with the Glitter!

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